How Crying Can Help You Release Resistance


I have a confession: I'm a big crybaby. Like, a BIG crybaby. I am extra sensitive, extra emotional, and extra empathic, which, usually, results in me weeping, snotty-nosed, and often, for no apparent reason. Today, I cried an inordinate amount, and there was a reason: resistance, mainly the resistance I have to bureaucracy. I have spent most of my life with an anti-mindset - anti-government, anti-institution, anti-"the man" (whoever the man is), and it has manifested and bubbled over in my life in great waves of resistance.

Today, much of it was released in the form of tears. I cried and cried, and then I felt so much better. I cried because I try so hard to be a good teacher (and I love my kids), and I cried because I have the misperception that I am "in" an institution that makes it hard to be of service to those kids (of course, I'm wrong). So, I let it all out, and I felt cleansed - purged.

Tears happen when we've been unconscious of our resistance and we allow our judgements/negative thoughts/emotions to build and build until we need to release it all in one great wave. 

So here is the energetic work: To see the areas that trigger us, the parts of our lives that feel tough, and to stop our negative emotions/judgments/beliefs before they get to a place that feels like a damn that needs breaking. Now that I am a witness to my resistance, I can be sure to focus on the positive, to shift to appreciation, and to work on releasing limiting beliefs about institutions. 

What areas of resistance can you release?