How I Manifested an Entirely New Group of Friends


Last night, I went to a concert with some of the most beautiful women I've ever met (and Tim, of course). Everyone had a great time, laughing and sharing stories, curious about each other's lives, supportive. I've never been a part of such a positive, kind, and generous group of women. Sure, I've had lots of friends in the past, but those friendships always came with just a hint of drama, a tinge of jealousy or negativity; that is until last year, when I consciously decided that I would attract an entirely new group of women into my life, and I did.

I was experiencing some frustration with some of the people who were in my life; I knew there were women out there like me: whose sole intention was to focus on the positive, have fun, try new restaurants, and go on adventures, without any judgment, jealousy, or cynicism. I loved the idea of a light-hearted group of women who were energetic, always ready to go out, and with whom I could truly be myself; and so I focused on it.

I looked at pictures of groups of women on Pinterest: best friends hiking, at concerts, having picnics, smiling and laughing. I told the universe that I was willing to let go of people who were no longer serving me in my life. I sent them love in a meditation, and slowly, I stopped spending time with them. Then, I opened up and asked the universe what my next step was.

A few days later, I was browsing Meetup, a site that connects people who share similar interests, and I found a group of women who were going to brunch in the east village one Sunday, and I just knew it. I'm going to meet so many people there! I told Tim. It's going to be nothing but high-vibrating women who have lots in common with me. Tim nodded, as he does, indulging me when I make predictions, which later, always come true.

At the brunch, I instantly connected with several of the women, we exchanged numbers, and have been friends ever since. I am so grateful to have friends who are so kind and loving, who are always upbeat, eager to hear my stories, and laugh at my jokes (half of which are not silly). 

Before meeting them, I knew that I was shifting (energetically), and I became aware that I had outgrown the people in my life. It was a stretch for me to attend that Meetup brunch, as it's always a bit nerve-wracking, meeting new people and making small talk; but I believe that we have to be mindful of the people we invite into our lives, and it serves us greatly to spend time with those who are supportive and loving. My friends are a gift, a blessing. I knew they were out there; it just took a bit of focus and alignment to attract them into my life.