A 21 Day Plan to Becoming a Free Spirit


DAY 1: Make a list of 20 things you're too afraid to do.

DAY 2: Let your mantra of the day be to go with the flow. Do what you want. Take an easy if you want. Eat what you want. Be as casual or serious as you want.

DAY 3: Tell someone a truth that you haven't been brave enough to share.

DAY 4: Join a group on Meetup, and go to their next event.

DAY 5: Take a yoga class at a new studio you've never been to before.

DAY 6: Invite a coworker who you don't know so well to grab a cup of coffee with you.

DAY 7: Take a new route to work.

DAY: 8: Go to a restaurant that serves a type of cuisine that you don't normally eat (Japanese, Ethiopian, Armenia, etc.). 

DAY 9: Apply to a new job in a new city - just for fun.

DAY 10: Go dancing.

DAY 11: Walk without an intended destination. Roam. Find new places. Go new routes. Let your intuition guide you. Have a day with no plans.

DAY 12: Do the opposite. Eat the opposite breakfast. Wear clothes that are opposite to what you'd normally wear. Go somewhere you'd never go. Pull a George Costanza.

DAY 13: Take a weekend trip somewhere new (just $100 will get you pretty far by train).

DAY 14: Whenever you find yourself judging others throughout the day, repeat the mantra: I choose to see only love.

DAY 15: Buy an outfit that feels just a little out of your comfort zone.

DAY 16: Go to a restaurant and when the waiter asks for your order, simply say: Surprise me.

DAY 17: Start a conversation with a stranger at a bar/coffee shop/book shop.

DAY 18: Go to see a band who you never heard of perform.

DAY 19: Rearrange your furniture.

DAY 20: Create an alias (Beyonce's is Sasha Fierce); spend an entire day embodying the persona of your alter ego.

DAY 21: Pick one of the list you made on day 1 and do it.

LifestyleJessica Leon