How to Escape Into a Virtual Reality & Find Joy


I remember telling a man whom I was dating that I wasn't much of a city girl, and that while I lived in Brooklyn, I actually preferred the mountains to the chaos and noise of urban dwelling.

So be in the mountains, he replied. 

Just like that? Be in the mountains? Was he suggesting that I teleport?

You live in Brooklyn, sure. But in your mind, you can be anywhere.

I thought about what he said, and the power of it: that we could, quite literally, use our imagination to change our emotional state. I was used to spending a part of my morning routine visualizing and writing out intentions and goals in the past tense, as if I'd already accomplished them, but the idea that I could, at any moment, jump into another reality - in my mind - and shift my state, was a new one.  

And so, I decided to try it.

A few days later, while walking down a noisy street, I became present to a feeling of frustration, and it occurred to me (again) that I didn't enjoy living in my neighborhood. I decided to give it a go and imagine that I was in the mountains of Sedona, the only sounds in my vicinity being those of winding rivers and chirping birds. I took a breath and imagined that I was exactly where I wanted to be.

Granted, I wasn't, but in that moment, I did something very powerful: I shifted feelings of lack and disappointment to feeling contentment.

Abraham Hicks, a well-known metaphysical teacher who speaks of the law of attraction, calls this technique virtual reality. You can be anywhere you want to be, with anyone you want to be with, and at any time; and because our minds are so powerful, the more we escape into a virtual reality, the greater chance we have of actually manifesting said reality; whatever we focus upon, we attract more of, so when we focus on the. mountains, we attract more nature into our lives.

This may feel like the opposite of mindfulness, insofar as you're not being present, per se, but what it is is using the power of your mind to choose a new thought, a new emotion, to pretend, as children do, to play, and this is the first step in the process of attracting a new reality.

And why not? Just call it daydreaming. Fantasizing. When you feel frustrated, bored, or underwhelmed, use your imagination to take you wherever you'd like. 

Mindful LivingJessica Leon