The First Step to Having an Awesome Life

It’s likely that there are so many areas of your life that need improvement - health, finances, friendships, career, family relationships, romantic relationships, and merely possessing an overall direction or set of guiding beliefs from which you operate - that you don’t even know where to begin to change your life. If this describes you, then you have what I call sucky-life-paralysis: so many areas of your life are in the weeds that you can’t even fathom where to begin. You’re overwhelmed by the amount of changes that you need to make, and so you don’t make any.

You won’t have to wonder if you suffer from sucky-life-paralysis, you’ll know it by the stress you feel everyday, the feeling of being unfulfilled at work, in your relationships, and in your body. It can feel like there are so many shifts to be made that, actually, you can’t make any at all. Where do you even begin? 

Well, you start with your consciousness mind, because you have let it run amok, as evidenced by your shitty life. The first step is to reign it back in, and to shift your conscious mind, you’ll need to start by changing the following 5 things:

Change your thoughts.

Your life sucks because you’re thinking the wrong thoughts. When you focus on what’s wrong, you create more of it; this is law of attraction 101. You don’t like your commute to work, and so you dread getting on the train, rather than viewing it as an opportunity to read. You don’t like your roommate, and so you focus on the fact that she leaves dirty dishes in the sink, rather than the fact that you’re saving a ton of money each month by splitting the rent.

You don’t like your jiggly thighs, and so you pinch at them and constantly tell yourself how fat you are, rather than thinking about your gorgeous hair or smile. You only see what’s wrong, and so you miss everything that’s right.

When you focus on the negative, you attract people into your life who are similar to you; they complain and only see what’s wrong. They’re frustrating to be around. For them, the glass is always have empty. In order to shift your consciousness, train your mind to see the good in every situation. Look for the silver lining. 

Change what you put in your mind.

You want an awesome life, but you watch two hours of reality television a night. You read gossip in magazines. You visit websites that show a singular view of beauty: slender white women with pouty lips. You wonder why you don’t feel good about yourself. You watch the news. You complain about Trump. You watch movies with violent or sad plots. You have nightmares, or worse, you don’t even remember your dreams (they’re probably horrible). You’re filling your mind with junk. You need to break this habit. Stop reading shitty magazines and watching shitty shows. Only give yourself permission to watch uplifting, positive media. Watch videos on personal growth instead. Try watching GABRIELLE BERNSTEIN, TOM BILYEU, or TONY ROBBINS. Fill your mind with positive messages. Go on a junk-free diet, but we’re not talking nachos, we’re talking negative messages shared on television, social media, and popular magazines.

Stop judging others.

You think your boss is an asshole, your roommate is an asshole, your last date is an asshole, and your friend Samantha is an asshole. Newsflash: You’re an asshole. Your judgment of others is toxic. It creates sickness in your body, and it leads to weight gain, migraines, and an overall feeling of unhappiness. Instead, forgive people for their mistakes. Pray for them. That jerk at work is doing the best he can. This doesn’t mean you should take him out to lunch, or make out with him. Rather, stop sitting around and complain about him. Pray that he finds peace and happiness. Pray that God changes his heart and shows him the way. This isn’t your job. Your job is to stop focusing your precious energy on him.

You’re not reaching your goals, because you’re obsessed with jerks and negative people. You’ve got enough work to do on yourself without worrying about how your boss, or best friend need to change.

Stop judging yourself.

You tell yourself you’re fat. You tell yourself you can’t start a business. You’ll never get out of debt. You wish you had bigger breasts, or bigger biceps. Your self-talk is horrible. You beat yourself up. How can you ever expect a partner to love you when you don’t even love yourself? Even if you don’t think you’re beautiful, smart, or talented, all you have to do is pretend! Compliment yourself constantly. Write yourself love letters. You must be good at something! Do you have nice print? Are you organized? Can you give a great manicure? Stop being so mean to yourself. Your shitty life is a reflection of your low self-esteem.

Stop thinking you know everything.

One of the biggest reasons for having a life in complete disarray is that you’re still trying to figure it all out. You have no faith in God, or any higher power (call it the Universe, Source, or any other word you like). You’re using your mind to make sense of everything, and your mind is telling you the wrong things. Your mind is what got you into this mess in the first place, so it’s not going to be your mind that gets you out of it. Spend five minutes every morning with Spirit. Invest books that speak to your heart. Try reading MARIANNE WILLIAMSON, JOYCE MEYERS,  or A COURSE IN MIRACLES. Get in the habit of asking for guidance all throughout the day, and trust that the divine is working on you and your life. Your life will transform when you realize that you’re not doing it on your own. Get in touch with your intuitive voice through meditation, prayer, and surrender. Let God work on your heart. If your life is a mess, it’s not you who’s going to fix it. Your’e going to do it with guidance from a place of alignment. 

Commit to changing your conscious mind, and your life will change. It will take time, as you’ve probably been thinking the wrong thoughts for twenty, thirty, or sixty years, but every thought you think, positive program you watch, or personal growth book you read will be an investment in your future awesome life. This is where you start, so start today. Tell yourself you can do it, and have faith that it’s possible.