Why the Change in Seasons Turns Us into Lunatics


The other day, I got into a conversation with my mother about how I had been feeling erratic; my emotions were all over the place, and I couldn't seem to get centered.

March is a crazy month, my mother said. Spring is coming, but it's not yet here. The weather still sucks. It's just a shitty month. That's why people born in March are nuts.

I laughed (and of course not every person born in march is a nut), but there's some truth to what my mother was saying, which is that the change in seasons affects us deeply - on an emotional, mental, and spiritual level.

How? Why? And what do we do when we find ourselves bursting into tears for seemingly no reason, feeling anxious, and choosing to go unconscious by focusing instead on shopping, eating, and indulging in other vices?

Well, let's start with the metaphysical reason behind our insanity. If the cycles of nature mirror those of humanity, which they do, then winter is a season of death, while spring is a season of rebirth. Just as the leaves fall from the trees, whatever does not serve us wants to fall away: habits, people, circumstances, and beliefs. The Universe is conspiring to help us shed and step into a better version of ourselves (a different timeline), which we are reborn into. 

This rebirth is a huge leap, like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly; it leads to disorientation, distress, and pain. First, the Universe breaks us down (our patterns, our relationships, and our perceptions), and then, in order to rebuild us, it requires growth, which always hurts.

If I were to state this in an equation for the purpose of clarity, it'd look something like this:

letting go + shifting/rebuilding = a shitload of pain

Letting go means letting go of what feels comfortable. We hold on to that terrible partner because he feels comfortable, that apartment with the view of a brick wall because it feels comfortable, and that job in which we're not expanding because it feels comfortable, which means safe; we know what we're getting, and as bad as it is, we tell ourselves that it's not as bad as that uncertain future that we're too terrified to face.

The coming of spring brings with it tumult on multiple levels. Life must be reborn, and while nature seems to go about it effortlessly, we humans fight against it tooth-and-nail.

We don't want to let go. We're afraid to grow, to change, to respond to our lives differently. It feels difficult. It requires emotional equity that, oftentimes, we just don't have.

We must shed the old patterns, fearful perceptions, and circumstances to which we cling because they bring us the illusion of safety and control, and instead, we must surrender, trust the Universe, and cultivate higher levels of awareness. This is no small task, but we can do it if we are willing. First comes the turmoil and pain of rebirth, but it is immediately followed by the beauty and rebirth of spring. This is what life is: seasons; change: life and death. When we're feel like lunatics, we musts stop, breathe, and remember that it's part of the process. Everything changes, and change can disrupt our unconscious patterns, which feels painful. When we're willing to release them, we free ourselves from the burden of clinging to who we think we are, and instead, step into who the Universe is calling us to be.