To be Happy, Make it Your #1 Priority


My number one priority in life isn't my career, my family, or my to-do list; it's my state of being. If I'm feeling even the slightest bit off, even just a tad anxious or scatter-brained, I will drop everything I'm doing to shift my emotional state. Oftentimes, this could be offensive to others. My mother might say something riddled with guilt such as, I can't believe you didn't go see your uncle! or my friend might utter in a disappointed voice, It would've been nice if you were there, but I know that obligations are of the thought system of the world; all that really matters I my happiness. From a place of peace and alignment, I am able to show up in the world differently; I make better decisions. I take inspired action. I recognize my shadow self (the one that hides in most people's unconscious behaviors like overeating, over drinking, and self-sabotage).

So, how do I do it? Practically, how do I make happiness my first priority? It's simple.

1)I am willing to drop everything to sit (or lay) and simply listen to reiki music and pay attention to my breath. There is a voice in our heads (it comes from society) that tells us we need to do more. We can never accomplish enough. We have more housework, more correspondence, and more events to attend, and we feel that we have to push through to get it all done. Be willing to stop. Let the laundry pile up. Order pizza instead of cooking. Tell your child no, you can't drive him to that soccer event because you need to rest. Choose self-care and happiness over everything, especially when your thoughts tell you it's impossible.

2)I have a spiritual practice that helps to keep me on track. I study a spiritual text called A Course in Miracles. There are times when the last thing I want to do is sit down and read about God, love, or peace, but I make it a priority. I put my spiritual practice on the top of my list. 

3)I tell myself that external situations shift; all that matters is my state of being. Regardless of what happened at work and regardless of what's happening in my life, I continually choose happiness. I focus on the good. I make list of people I appreciate. I listen to videos on YouTube that are encouraging. Life happens; all that matters is that I feel peace.

4)I refuse to feel guilty. People who try to guilt me (either consciously or unconsciously) don't love me. I'm doing the best I can, and if that means I can't make it to your child's birthday party, I'm okay with that.

5)I sing my praise. When my mind focuses on all of the things I'm not doing (exercise, organizing my closet, yoga, etc.), I shift my thoughts to what I am accomplishing. So often, we beat ourselves up because we can't see that we're actually not doing as bad as our thoughts would suggest.

Happiness is a choice we must put above all else, because everything we do - every goal we hope to accomplish, every relationship we enter into - is because we think it will make us happy. So choose happiness first, before the relationship, before the career, or house, or car shows up. Make your state of being your #1 priority, and watch your life shift.