How to Heal Your Heart & Mind


Whether you’re suffering from depression, heartbreak, or are just feeling meh about life, the cure to your emotional tumult is spiritual (the cure to everything is spiritual). Over the course of the past fifteen years, I’ve been able to not only heal, but thrive, after struggling with an eating disorder, depression, various heartbreaks, and traumatic events. It’s possible to live a life free from emotional pain (which can feel harder than physical pain, believe me), and it takes the slightest amount of willingness to transform your emotional state, as well as your life.

The key is to understand that the root of all suffering is misperception. Misperception can lead to situations that you might categorize as small potatoes, such as getting into a disagreement with your annoying neighbor; it might lead to situations that feel bigger, because they drastically alter your life, such as dealing with a divorce or the end of a relationship, or having to cope with depression.

Whatever the situation is, there is only one way to heal your heart and your mind, and that is to be willing to transcend it.

Transcend Your Pain


Every thought you think manifests an emotion. When you choose to think that you are unattractive, too old, or not talented enough, you invite sadness into your life. When you choose to think that your partner should be more romantic, or isn’t doing the things you need to make you happy, you open the door to dissatisfaction and loneliness. When you choose to think that you’re not as smart as your coworkers, or you’re not doing a good enough job of keeping your home organized while also caring for your children and prioritizing your physical well-being, you welcome scrutiny and suffering into your life.

Every thought you choose creates an emotion, which, over time, compounds. What starts off as a fleeting insecure thought, when continually revisited, can snowball into a state of depression. In order to transcend your pain, you need to be willing to choose new thoughts. I use the word willing deliberately, because you don’t need to know how. You simply need to be open-minded enough to admit that your thinking may be incorrect.

So, in order to heal your pain, you need to invite the Holy Spirit to take control of your thoughts. The spiritual text A Course in Miracles says, “The Holy Spirit is the Mind of the Atonement. It represents a state of mind that comes close enough to One-Mindedness that transfer to it is at last possible.” If you have resistance to the idea of the Holy Spirit, because it feels religious, simply think of it as the mind of perfect peace, or, the mind of the divine. The process is as simple as quietly repeating the following prayer in your mind:

I’m willing to see things differently. I’m willing to see this situation through the eyes of perfect peace, perfect love.

While negative thinking invites pain and suffering into your life, prayer invites healing and well-being into your life. When you’re unwilling to surrender your mind to God, meaning, you’re still clinging to your resistant thoughts, which sound something like this: I’m never going to find love. I’m never going to be good enough. My life is just so-so. I’ll never make my dreams happen. I’ll never be in a fulfilling relationship. I’ll never lose weight, they loop, cause you pain, and you miss the opportunity for a miracle.

However, when you pray, you invite miracles into your life. All of a sudden, you hav have a breakthrough, or an a-ha moment. It’s like turning on a light in a dark room. You see life as it really is - perfectly unfolding and precious, something to be cherished. You recognize that everything in life is a miracle, even what you previously perceived as struggle. Your entire life becomes colored with the grace of God.

True Healing is Restorative

Healing restores you to a state of well-being, which is your natural state. When you surrender your sadness, fear, and anxiety, God doesn’t fix your problem, because there was never a problem to fix. Rather, he restores what A Course in Miracles refers to as right-mindedness, meaning, he corrects your perception. Before your circumstances can shift, your perception must shift. When you are willing to see things differently, God restores you to a feeling of peace, openness, and love. God creates within you an open heart, a mind that doesn’t cling to grievances, and a deep sense that all is well. A Course in Miracles says, “The Holy Spirit promotes healing by looking beyond it o what the Children of God were before healing was needed and will be when they have been healed.”

There is so much peace and joy that is available if you would only be willing to shift your thoughts and let it into your heart. If you are willing to repeat a simple prayer, you invite God into your life to heal your mind, as well as your heart. You can transcend any situation that causes you suffering by tuning into Spirit. This is the promise of God.


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