New Moon + Solar Eclipse

Happy new moon and solar eclipse! I am officially launching this site today because: a)a blog is a creative outlet, and I am always open to new ways to express my creativity, and b)today is the day to LAUNCH SOMETHING... ANYTHING... be it a website, a new fitness plan, or a decision to commit to a day-a-week that you will lovingly stare into your lover's eyes and feel peace in your soul (just sayin'...It can be anything). 

The eclipse is asking you (not really asking) to release unconscious beliefs, old paradigms, and habits that are not serving you. I've spent the past two days in bed, fatigued, after a week of intense spiritual awareness (dare I say, awakening, though I know that word can feel so elite-ish), and I feel somewhat purged today. I released some old beliefs and fears, and I when I felt myself wanting to energetically cling to people or fears (that are no longer serving me), I repeated the following mantra: I RELEASE YOU & I RELEASE MYSELF....I RELEASE YOU & I RELEASE MYSELF....I RELEASE YOU (FEAR) & I RELEASE MYSELF... 

Sure, I ate a pint of mocha almond milk ice cream, and I haven't done laundry in quite some time... but my soul was asking for some time to just BE, not DO, but be. And now, it is time to CREATE. So CREATE! And have FUN! Set some new moon intentions. Release the old and welcome the new. 

Jessica LeonComment