This explains everything.

I have become fascinated by the concept of self-love over the last few years, as I have begun to unravel why this idea whose sole home should be on a bumper sticker (not spoken of or thought of on a daily basis or with any relation to our lives) is actually the most important aspect of your life (and your self) to take a good, honest look at; because the truth is, self-love is everything.

And the trick is, LACK of self-love doesn't necessarily manifest as you waking up and saying that you hate your guts. 

It could manifest as not starting that project you've been saying for YEARS you're going to start one soon as you have the time.

It could manifest as you not putting yourself "out there" and signing up for that new dating app...

or taking that fun salsa class your friend told you about...

or sticking to that new lifestyle/habitual shift you know intuitively that you should make...

Because why would you commit to something, that, you are so sure would bring you happiness when you don't love yourself? Why would you take a step towards joy when you don't ACTUALLY believe that you are worth it.

And so here's another truth: You are SOOOOOO worth it. You are so unbelievably, totally, and completely worth it. You are stars and moon and sky and love-energy incarnate.  And telling yourself that fifty-million times a day is the road to you and everything you want. 

At least, that's the road I'm on.

Jessica LeonComment