There is a misconception that one's inner-guidance (call it your soul, your intuitive voice, Holy Spirit, consciousness, or any other number of names) is, quite literally, a voice--a voice that you can hear like someone is at the other end of the telephone line: Hello? Hey! Listen, you really need to take that job in Wyoming. I know you're scared, but trust me, it's all going to work out in the end. Oh, I'm so happy you called! No worries. I wanted to reach out because I knew you were conflicted.

Unfortunately, that's not the way our inner-being talks to us. Most often, our soul is subtler. It communicates through hunches, ideas that are fleeting and you have to act on them quickly, or they'll pass. Our soul talks through a slight uneasiness in our body, a shift in our energy, or a dream. 

If you want to listen to your soul more, thereby developing a deeper connection with your inner-guidance, as well as developing your intuitive and psychic powers, there are two steps that can be helpful.

  1. Develop and maintain a spiritual practice in which you tune in to your inner-being. This can be meditating, prayer (verbalizing prayer or writing it out), or reading A Course in Miracles (which will allow you to discern between your inner-guide and the voice of your ego.
  2. LISTEN to what your inner-guide says! This is not as easy as it sounds. I've known within the first ten minutes of a date whether the guy had an open-heart and was trustworthy or not, however, following that gut-feeling has not always been my forte. I've known situations, such as jobs, or where I lived weren't serving me, however, I chose to stay, or prolonged leaving out of fear. All this to say, FOLLOW what your inner-being says. This requires immense faith because MORE OFTEN THAN NOT, THE VOICE OF YOUR INNER-BEING WILL BE THE OPPOSITE OF THE VOICE OF YOUR EGO/THE WORLD.

And the more you tune in to that voice, the more you learn about the nuanced ways it communicates with you, the more you will see how it guides you, and you will reap the benefits. I maintain constant communication with my inner-being (the Holy Spirit as ACIM refers to it), in that I ask for guidance numerous times throughout the day. I am in the habit of placing my hand over my heart and asking: What would you have me do? 

Your ego will tell you to make decisions based on your thoughts, based on judgement, fear, and being right. DON'T LISTEN! For crying out loud. How happy has listening to the invective of thoughts in your mind made you? How many dreams have you fulfilled?

A simpler way of looking at this is by asking yourself if you're living from your heart or your head. More and more, I live from my heart. More an more, I am able to let my thoughts of fear and worry come and go. I release them because I trust that whisper I hear that tells me, Come this way... Everything will be okay... trust. 

And I find that I am happier and happier, because even though my life doesn't look the way I would imagine it if I had to sit down and list out my ideal place of residence and perfect mate (not exactly), it suits me more and more. I feel like I am settling into my skin. I am being called by something higher, and that's a beautiful thing.

Jessica LeonComment