Something Like a Poem

This is what I know: when you are young, you learn what "love" is (from interacting with your family and those close to you, from childhood experiences, from the world), and often, you receive negative programming, such as witnessing a possessive "love", a "love" that abandons, or a "love" that hurts, or doesn't feel safe. Granted, this is NOT love. But you don't know that. That's all you see. Your mind tells you that this must be what it is, and so you believe it.

And then you get older... and you fall into patterns. Patterns... patterns... patterns. You enter into relationships. You wonder why they fail. You wonder why you feel so terrible. You go a little unconscious. You numb yourself. You cry.

The thing is... the beliefs that shape your world... your consciousness... they're WRONG. What you think is love, is, in fact, not love at all. 

What can you do?

Learn to recognize what love is NOT. Because you have developed unhealthy patterns, and now they must stop.

And once you wipe away the dirt, something else pokes out its little head and says, "Hey, look over here... I'm love!" And you say, "What?!? I didn't know that was what you looked like!" And love goes, "Yeah, I know... I've been right under your nose."

Amazing, then things you can't see when your eyes are covered.

Jessica LeonComment