Your Awakening Calls for Active Participation

As I deepen in to my spiritual practice, meaning, I spend more time communing with God, taking steps that I know will put me at a higher vibration, and being still (to listen), I find that my spiritual path calls for active participation. Thinking about the universe, or reading books on metaphysics, watching YouTube videos of my favorite spiritual teachers, is not enough. Receiving the information cognitively is not the same as actively participating.

So what does active participation look like?

Today, active participation means pushing my shoulders back, opening up my heart chakra, and telling the universe that I am open and receiving its will. There is a difference between the thought that the universe's will for me is perfect happiness and the actual embodiment of that: declaring that, opening up to that. 

I think of a wonderful line from A Course in Miracles: I do not know my own best interest.

Whatever I think will make me happy is a conjuring of the ego; the truth is that to surrender to the will of God (the universe, the name is not what's important) calls for an ACTION.

So, I walk around my apartment with my shoulders thrown back, receiving whatever God has for me, repeating: Let thy will be done. I am open and receiving the fullness of you, God. I surrender. I am open and receiving whatever you will for me.

I take deep breaths to integrate it into my body. I play reiki music in the background, and I stop to close my eyes and focus my attention right between my eyes (where my third eye is). I repeat again (in my mind): I am open and receiving the fullness of you, God. I am open and receiving your will. I am a channel for you. I surrender.

This is what active participation looks like. It could look different, of course, like deciding to take a walk by the water, sitting to meditate, writing a letter to the universe, going to church, lighting candles to say a prayer. The act itself is irrelevant; the act is merely a symbol of your willingness to commune with spirit.

Higher Self, Holy Spirit, God, Mountains and Moons and Stars: I am open and receiving the fullness of you. I am open and receiving the fullness of what you have in store for me. Use me, and I will listen. I am open and receiving the fullness of your love and grace. I am open and receiving the fullness of your unconditional love.

And then there is only gratitude, because to commune with God, to actively welcome God into my life (and become present to the fact that God is always there-I am an extension of God) feels like doors opening, feels like expansion, feels like I am allowing my consciousness to shift, to allow more, receive more, feel lighter; it's the lessening of my grip. I hold onto nothing, and instead, I turn it over to God. 

Lead me, and I will follow. I am open and receiving all of your love and grace and beauty and magic. Thank you for guiding me. Thank you for your vision. Thank you for your love. Thank you for carrying me always.


Jessica Leon