Who Told You That?

I love Beth Moore. I love her unabashed devotion to God that may be viewed as an over-the-top zealotry that makes me just want to shriek with delight, Amen! I love her commitment to the bible, and even though I'm not religious (and believe that there are many doorways to God), I love all religions (so maybe I am religious!). 

Either way, this question: Who Told You That? expands one's consciousness when utilized. It's one of the most important questions we can ask ourselves. Who told us that we weren't good enough? Who told us that we weren't thin enough, or smart enough, or our lives weren't perfect enough? Who told us we couldn't follow our dream, or we weren't worthy of love? Who told us that we weren't good at math, or that life was hard, or that we were limited in some capacity? 

Ask yourself this question a million times a day. I know that I sure am. Who told me that I had to be modest? Who told me it wasn't safe to receive? Who told me I had to be perfect? Who told me that it wasn't good to stand out? I certainly got those ideas from somewhere! And I'm fairly sure I wasn't born with them. 

Three words: Return to sender.

Jessica LeonComment