Consciousness as Priority

Here is a truth that I have learned; here is the root of all roots; here is what matters when one intends to manifest on the physical plane: In order to achieve great things in life, one must leap - not in body, not in thought, but in consciousness.

Consciousness is everything. What you manifest and attract is a direct vibrational match to your consciousness. So, what's more important than action, than hard work, than knowledge, than skill, is your level of consciousness, which I define as your vibration plus the sum of your unconscious and conscious mind, or more simply put, your STATE OF BEING.

If you want to shift your life, shift your state of being. And the more you shift your state of being, the more your entire world will shift. New people and opportunities will enter your life. Other people and circumstances will fall away. All of the universe will reflect back to you the change in your consciousness. 


Jessica Leon