5 Signs You’re Awakening

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If you think you’re waking up, but you’re not even entirely sure what that means, then you need to pause, look for signs, and reflect on the radical changes that are occurring in your life. You see, the awakening process is just that-a process,-and it can be confusing, especially if you don’t have people in your life who are going through similar experiences. It’s important to note that most people who awaken don’t sit under a tree (like Buddha) and reach enlightenment in one fell swoop. Rather, awakening involves a series of subtle shifts that compound, altering your mindset, beliefs, and self-perception. So, if you think you’re waking up, here are 5 sure-fire signs.

1.You are becoming a new person.


The term “waking up” means that you are, quite literally, becoming present to the dream that is your egoic life, which is a stark contrast to the Spiritual aspect of you. You have experiences in which you become aware that you are not a body, gender, or name. Instead, you identify as the awareness that observes your thoughts and life. When this happens, you can’t help but survey your life, and as you do so, you ask: Is this really what I’m interested in? Are these people really my friends? Did I really select a profession based on salary and safety, opposed to what brings me joy? 

Well, yes you did. 

Suddenly, your interests and values shift. You wake up to your life, and you can’t believe all of the crummy decisions you’ve made! You start to feel like a 13-year-old again: unsure of who you are, which tribe you belong to, and what you really believe. Waking up is a radical transformation. Imagine that an alarm clock was placed in your heart prior to birth ( when you were a soul planning on coming to Earth in a physical body). At a certain age, your alarm clock was set to go off, so that you could become present to the fact that you were living your life out of ego (fear), and all of a sudden, you realize that you’re not a body (you have one, but you’re much more than flesh and bones), and you have a million questions. You want to erase the life you created and start over. Unfortunately, you can’t do that, but, now that your’e awake, you will undoubtedly begin to transform, and sure to follow, your life will change.

2.You are perceiving circumstances differently.

When you awaken, you detach from your beliefs and thoughts (either through meditation, or a spiritual experience). You become aware of the programming that has influenced your thinking: parents, television, advertisement, and culture. You begin to wonder where you got the belief that money doesn’t grow on trees, or you need to be thin in order to be beautiful. You ask yourself why you can’t stop shopping, why you dress a certain way, or what’s driving you to date the type of people who would please your parents or friends, rather than going out with people who light up your Soul. You start to recognize that you’ve picked up negative (and positive) patterns from your childhood and from television. You look at other people, society (and the world) and ask: Why are we doing things this way?

Authors like Ray Bradbury, George Orwell, or Kurt Vonnegut, who wrote dystopian fiction awakened and then proceeded to perceive life through a new lens (that’s what waking up is: looking at life through a new lens); when this happened, they wrote stories that reflected the new perceptions they had about society and life. They began to question groupthink, consumerism, the way we do politicks, and the unconscious drive all human beings seem to have to want to fit in and please others.

As you wake up, you begin to ask questions and shift how you perceive life. You might get into disagreements with family or friends, as you question why they make certain choices, such as watching endless hours of reality television, or buying things they don’t need on credit, wracking up enormous amounts of debt as a result. You have woken up in this dream called life, and because you see that it is just that—a dream—you are willing to perceive things that others aren’t. You see that the movie The Matrix isn’t fictitious at all.

3.You want to detach.


It’s likely that you feel uncomfortable in your life, because you have raised your vibration, but your job, housing situation, relationships, and financial situation don’t yet mirror back your new level of consciousness. Even though you have shifted energetically, there is a gap in time between when you begin to awaken and when your life actually starts to change. Because of this, you want to detach. You retreat into your mind, as you crave to enter into a meditative state. You want to connect with your Spirit (now that you are aware that you can), and so you crave more solitude. You want to go for long walks out in nature, and you want to sit in silence. Why? You have begun to hear the voice of your Spirit (your Soul); whereas before waking up, you couldn’t. Now that you recognize the voice, you want to hear it more and more.

4.You are hungry for spiritual information.


You find yourself watching less television, and instead, you want to consume information about spirituality and mindfulness at a rapid rate. You watch videos on YouTube, and you scour the spirituality section of Barnes & Noble for books on buddhism, spirituality, and topics like the law of attraction, souls, and the afterlife. Once you awaken, the quest for metaphysical information can feel insatiable. You’ve never watched so many videos or read so many books in all your life. This is because you want to figure out exactly what is going on with you, as you are aware that you are going through a radical transformation.

5.You are becoming more self-aware.


When you are unconscious, you are blind to your negative patterns and limiting beliefs. Your parents taught you that making money was hard (by repeating limiting beliefs over and over again, which you heard as a child), and now that you’re awake, you become aware of the fact that you have been programmed. You recognize personality traits that are not in alignment with your Spirit, vices you have, and negative habits, like complaining, or procrastinating. Awakening is synonymous with self-awareness, meaning you become aware of yourself from a detached place, and you start to see where you are self-sabotaging and not living up to your potential. While it may feel horrible (often, it does), be thankful! As you become increasingly self-aware, you begin to make new choices, and in doing so, you break old patterns. 

If you resonate with any of these signs, you’re beginning to awaken. The most important sign, really, is that there is some deep part of yourself that knows that you are beginning to awaken, and it’s that part of you that attracted you to this article in the first place. While waking up can be a confusing and lonely time, it will elicit the best from you. It’s an opportunity to look at the world through a radically new lens, and the more you commit to a spiritual practice, the more your life will begin to reflect back your internal changes. 

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