How to Discover Your Highest Self

If you want to tap into the energy of your Highest Self, meaning, the most loving and aligned version of yourself, the process is simple and only requires a journal and some meditation time. You want to attune to the energy of your Highest Self, because when you do, that’s when you begin to align with your calling, manifest dreams, and attract people who are pivotal to your soul’s path.

When you align with the energy of your Highest Self, you begin to see that you are bold, you have a voice, and you have more passions than you’ve previously recognized. You begin to see that you are spontaneous, childlike, and creative. You begin to remember all of the things that you enjoy, and you think about how so many of the things you love till this day are similar to what you loved when you were eleven. You begin to get a clear picture of what would really light you up, and this is an integral part of your journey: rediscovering what brings you heartfelt joy.

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You may believe that you already know what brings you joy, and it might even strike you as obvious, that money, time with loved ones, and a fit body would bring happiness, but these responses are vague and vacuous. To tap into your Highest Self means to tap into the energy center that drove you as a child. Here’s another way of putting it: When you were younger, what lit you up? What were your hopes and dreams? What adventures did you fantasize about having? What sort of person did you envision yourself becoming? 

Here’s an activity to help you discover your Highest Self. You’ll want to do it more than once, as your answers will change with the seasons, circumstances in your life, and your level of consciousness. Spend 15-20 minutes meditating. If it’s helpful, listen to reiki, or mediative music. You can also sit in silence, simply focusing on your breath. Let your thoughts come and go, like waves on the shore. Hold onto to nothing.

Next, take out your most beautiful journal and respond to the following questions.

Here’s the key: As you respond, you don’t want to think about what the world says should make you happy, such as a fancy car, or a job title that carries a reputation, but rather, try not to answer from your mind; instead respond from your heart. Let your soul speak.

For example: While my mind tells me that a very minimalist, zen space would make me happy, my heart sings most around wild colors and lots of artwork. My Highest Self doesn’t want me to live in a slick condo in the city with cement butcher blocks (even though it sounds cool). I feel connected to my spirit when I’m in the mountains or desert. I felt a deep resonance in places like New Mexico.

If I were to follow my joy, it would lead me to a much different setting than if I were to listen to my mind. Here’s the truth: What you think you want may not actually be what you actually want.

Here’s another example: If you were to be given $100 to spend at the mall, your mind would probably take over, looking for something practical, easy to care for, or something that feels safe, such as a gray sweater, or a black puffer jacket. However, if you let your joy lead the way, and you simply let yourself wander the mall, with the commitment to only purchase what lights you up, you might find that you’re called to a bright fuchsia scarf, or a handmade garland for your office. Oftentimes, what stirs your spirit are objects that speak to the childish part of you - the part that loves nature, wonder, and a little bit of sparkle. 

The same is true of everything in your life. Your spirit most comes alive when you give it the freedom to choose, when you’re willing to listen to its voice. 

So, after meditating, sit (or lay) with your journal and answer these questions:

  • What does your Highest Self feel like (is he/she spontaneous, wildly creative, athletic, dreamy, etc.)?

  • What places does your Highest Self feel most connected to? Describe them.

  • What activities make you feel connected and alive?

  • What creative projects does your Highest Self want to take on?

  • Where does your Highest Self want to live? (Describe the design of the house, apartment, or living space. Describe the energy of the city, including the weather and the culture.)

  • What parts of your life are not aligned with the energy of your Highest Self?

  • What people, circumstances, beliefs, actions, or vices could you let go of to become more aligned with your Highest Self?

  • My Highest Self feels the most joy when he/she is…..

  • Deep in my heart, my Highest Self knows…

  • What makes me unique is my….

  • I have the most fun when I…

Once you’ve given some time to discovering the energy of your Highest Self, you’ll want to sit in meditation and ask for the steps you can take towards aligning with that energy. Your guidance might instruct you to do something as simple as decluttering the basement, or it might direct you to shop less and save more. Your guidance might even suggest that you take a leap, such as moving to a new city, or pursuing a second career.

Whatever it is, decide that you are committed to aligning with your spirit and living from the energy of your Highest Self. When you commit to spending more time doing what really brings you joy, not what the world tells you will make you happy, you tune into your power - the power of your spirit, which is vast and unlimited. All of a sudden, you create a life that you love, and you step into a powerful energy. You align with people, places, and situations that light you up and that set you on the right direction to follow your soul’s path.



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