How to Develop Your Intuition & Manifest Miracles

If you want to know how to develop your intuition to gain clarity and insight on your life, you’ll be happy to know that the process is much easier than you think. In just a short while and with the smallest amount of willingness, you can not only become more intuitive, but you can, quite literally, manifest miracles. How is that possible? Well, your intuition is all-knowing; it’s one way that your soul, or spirit, communicates with you, offering you guidance on your path. So, the more you are willing to develop your intuition, the more you will find that you meet your goals faster, as you will experience an increase in divine connections and synchronicities.

Step #1 Deepen your connection to spirit.

Deepening your connection to spirit simply means that you make it a priority to connect to the still, small voice within you every day. Think of it as touching a little bit of magic, or spending time with the universe. Every morning, take the time to meditate, pray, or write in your journal. 

To really deepen your connection to spirit, you’ll want to do 3 things:

1.Express gratitude.

Say thank you to the universe for everything that you have. Zoom in on specific things that you are grateful for, such as the fact that your partner makes you laugh, or that your mom brought you homemade soup last week. Expressing gratitude shifts your vibration to love, which helps to open your heart and get you in alignment. Here’s the key: You don’t want to come to Spirit with a laundry list of requests, as if it’s a genie. Instead, start by focusing on what you appreciate in your life. You can write your list in a journal, but if you really want to feel experience appreciation, before to read what you wrote aloud when you’re done.

2.Ask for guidance.

As the author John Green said in The Fault in Our Stars, “Life is not a wish-granting factory.” You can’t just snap your fingers and place an order in with the universe, like you’re making an order at KFC. You can, however, ask for guidance. You can ask what’s the next step you should take, how you can release certain blocks, or what it would take for you to show up as the most loving and aligned version of yourself.

Think about it this way: It’s best to ask for clarity, or directives, rather than trying to deepen your connection to spirit by simply asking for a million dollars. Instead, ask how you can remove your blocks to abundance and what next steps you can take to manifest more money. 

3.Listen for messages.

When you ask for intuitive guidance, it might not come that very minute. Often, it’ll show up as a book suggestion from a friend, a song with a deep meaning, or a message that a spiritual teacher shares in a video you watch on YouTube. Here’s the key: After you ask, you need to become more present, because intuitive guidance whispers; it doesn’t shout. Here are some clues to know if the message you’ve received is from intuitive guidance, not ego:

  • It repeats (you get the same idea or here the same message more than once).

  • It is rooted in love (appreciation, generosity, and forgiveness).

  • It asks you to cultivate the loving qualities in your personality (you might be guided to do something selfless, or follow your heart’s desires).

  • It feels light (when you think of the directions, you feel light and expansive).

When you commit to listening, you become aware of subtle messages that can often go overlooked if you’re not paying attention.

Step #2 Follow your intuition.

A few months ago, my partner bought me a pair of AirPods. He gave them to me right before we were getting ready to go on an overnight trip. I told him that I had a feeling that I shouldn’t bring them, because if I did, they would get lost somehow. He was excited for me to wear them at the gym the following morning, and he told me that nothing would happen to my AirPods. Sure enough, they were in the car the following day when we went to park at a valet. An hour after leaving the parking valet I realized that my AirPods were gone, stolen. Now, why does this matter? Because I had a feeling that I shouldn’t bring them on the overnight trip, but I ignored that feeling, because my mind said, Oh, everything is going to be okay.

The truth is that you’re receiving nudges all throughout the day. You get an inkling to take a new way home from work. You get an impulse to call a friend, or to get a second opinion from a different doctor. Most of the time, people are already receiving messages from their intuition, but they’re just not listening. Their mind tells them that they’re being crazy, or that it’s not wise to add an extra five minutes of travel time just to follow that impulse. If you want to develop your intuition, begin to actually follow the impulses you feel, even if they seem illogical. 

Step #3 Pretend to be psychic.

In her book The Psychic Pathway, Sonia Choquette explains the importance of play when it comes to developing psychic or intuitive abilities. She suggests that you make a game of it by pretending you’re psychic. You can do this by imagining your alter-ego, which you then step into. What would psychic you wear? How would psychic you feel? Spend an entire day making predictions that you track in your journal. What feelings do you get? What do you sense? What is your intuitive voice telling you? Pretending that you’re psychic will activate your psychic senses, because it takes levity and a sense of play to get in touch with your intuition. You can’t try to be psychic, or use your logical mind to do it. Developing these abilities require wonder, play, and a sense of lightness. If you’re too serious, whatever messages come to you will be from your ego, not your intuition.

The more you express gratitude, attune to your spirit, and follow its directives, the more receptive you will become to intuitive guidance. You will find that you simply know things, or feel things, and you can’t explain why or how to other people. You will find that you develop a deeper sense of trust, and that as your intuitive abilities grow, you will surrender more and more to what is unseen, to what you sense in your gut, and you will open up to miracles.



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