For a Better Life, Follow the Advice of George Costanza


I wrote an article for Elephant Journal on the voice of our highest self, and how, often, it advises us to take actions that are contrary to what the voice of our ego might suggest. For example, our egos might tell us that we shouldn't give that person a chance and go on a date with him or her, while there is a deeper voice within us whispering Go! Expand your horizons! Have fun! Or our egos might tell us that it's not the right time to leave the job that we're unhappy at, but our higher self nudges us with encouragement, telling us that yes, we should leap; the timing will never be perfect.

So often, we have to be brave. We have to listen to what our highest self (which comes to us through what we feel in our hearts), and we have to make the choice that feels a little uncomfortable, that feels like it's the opposite of what our egos tell us is safe. Check out the article HERE and share it with friends if you enjoy it.

Jessica Leon