Lessons About Manifesting a Dream House

dream house.jpg

My friend Christina is what I call a master manifestor: she envisions what she wants, feels what it would be like to have it in reality, and manifests it using the law of attraction. This is the process she used to attract a partner, who lives in the state she imagined herself living in, and this is the method she's currently using to manifest her dream house.

I know the ins-and-outs of the law of attraction, particularly when it comes to manifesting a partner, but recently, I've experienced some doubts regarding my career, and they are expressed in my use of tentative language: I give it to God. I'm open to whatever the Universe wills for me. Yes, on some level, I am absolutely open to whatever the universe wills for me, but on a much deeper level, my reticent speech is a reflection of fear, a lack of confidence in the vision that is in my heart. 

"I've been having some doubts lately," I tell Christina.

"Why? Those thoughts aren't fun. Just don't think them. Tell yourself that it's going to happen. There's no other option." She says it with such surety, like the sun is going to rise, or like she's declaring that grass is green.

As we manifest, doubts surface. We are called to new people, places, and circumstances, and often, we tell ourself thoughts that come from social conditioning, like we're not good enough, or that position doesn't exist, or there's no one out there whom we might love. Christina reminds me that doubts are useless; not only are they not fun, but they halt our lives, keeping new manifestations from entering.

Christina had a vision of her house before she ever saw it. She imagined it as blue, with a white kitchen and a large outdoor area. One day, while she was out with her partner, they passed a house that had a "for sale" sign. There was no number, and they couldn't find the property listed anywhere online. Instead of giving up, Christina continued searching for the listing, confident that it would present itself, which, ultimately it did. She called the realtor and set up an appointment to tour the property before she could even tell her partner. Her faith that she would get her dream house was unwavering. She didn't say things like, It would be nice to buy that house, or, we'll see what happens. No, as far as she was concerned, that house was meant to be hers. She envisioned it, and she called it into existence.

There are laws that govern this universe. Most people are aware of the law of gravity, which they don't consciously practice, as gravity works regardless of our awareness of it. This is similar to how the law of attraction works. Our thoughts (both unconscious and conscious), as well as our emotions, are constantly creating. A Course in MIracles says there are no idle thoughts, meaning each thought is filled with creation power. If we think thoughts of limitation or lack, that is what we will see in our life.

I am glad that I have a beautiful friend like Christina to remind me of the magic of the universe, as her story is a gentle nudge to focus on my dreams and hold the vision.