Change Your Life: How to Believe that Anything is Possible


Children have it all figured out. Instead of thinking they know everything (like adults), they ask questions, are open to new ideas, and consider possibilities. When they are told of the tooth fairy, they don't profess the implausibility of a magical lady who will compensate them for their teeth; rather, they run to their pillows, eager to trade enamel for cash.

Adults, on the other hand, think they know everything, and it is a great detriment, metaphysically speaking, as we limit lives by boxing ourselves in with the word no. 

We say things like:

I can't make decent money as an artist.

There are no good men anymore.

Real love doesn't exist.

It's hard to make money.

I have to be thin to be worthy of love.

I'm not good enough to succeed as a fill-in-the-blank.

Our perception creates our reality; when we believe that change is possible, we invite opportunities into our lives: people show us, we take inspired action, we move forward with the pursuit of our dreams. The minute we decide that something is not possible for us, we limit what the Universe can bring us.

Gregg Braden, best known for his work bridging metaphysics and science, wrote in The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles, and Belief, “Herein lies the key to understanding what quantum physics is really saying to us about our power in the universe. Our world, our lives, and our bodies exist as they do because they were chosen (imagined) from the world of quantum possibilities. If we want to change any of these things, we must first see them in a new way—to do so is to pick them from a “soup” of many possibilities.” 

The key to changing our life is to open up to new possibilities, to shift from focusing on our weight, age, lack of credentials, etc., and instead, perceive our life (and ourselves) anew. We can affirm: All things are possible in this Universe. We can soften our perception of life by using language that creates a space for possibilities such as, Other people have done this, so why can't I? or Things like this happen all the time or I put my faith in a power greater than myself.

When we are willing to surrender our limiting beliefs, we are basically inviting miracles into our life. We want to be like little children: open and wide-eyed, ready and believing that anything can happen, because it can; and honestly, life is more fun that way - when we are willing to delve into the mystery and magic that is indefinable, when we are ready to step out onto the edge and dare to believe.