The Biggest Mistake People Make When Visualizing


A few years ago, while in the process of planning to move to Philadelphia, I had a vision. I saw myself working at a school that looked more like a house than a traditional school building. It had a quaint garden, and I could feel the energy of the school, which was charming and idyllic, like being in a fairytale. I'd never seen a school like that, certainly not in New York, but after having the vision, I believed that one existed. A month later, I came across a job posting for a progressive private school. The day of the interview, I walked into the school, confident that I would get the position, because sure enough, it was in a renovated house that had been turned into a school by a group of hippie mothers a few decades prior. 

So, what does this have to do with visualizing?

Most people approach visualizing from an effortful energy, meaning, they force themselves to sit and imagine the details of their dream job in an attempt at manifestation, however, this way of trying to make something happen is contrary to the actual energy that manifest - an energy of already having something. They try to make something manifest using their minds, which is a mistake, because our minds can only imagine on the basis of what we've already experienced and seen. In my case, for example, I could've never pictured that school. I was born in Brooklyn, and I had no clue what progressive education was. No part of me believed that a school could be run out of a house. Was that even legal? However, I received the vision - when I wasn't trying. Some part of me knew that I was going to work at that school, but it wasn't the rational, ego-part of me; it was my intuitive self that I tapped into.

Here's the takeaway: We receive a vision. That's the trick. Our only job is to get into alignment; visualization a step in the manifestation process, and while most people think it's the first one, they're wrong. It comes after we are in alignment, not from trying, but from allowing. 

Once we receive the vision, we can sit and use our imagination to flesh out the details, or we can sit in the energy of our vision. The energy of the school I saw was creative, open-minded, spacious, and filled with possibilities.

Further, the vision points us in the right direction. When I was offered the job at the school, I knew that the position was in alignment with where Spirit wanted me to be because I had received the vision. I knew I was on my life's path. I wasn't trying to make something happen (out of ego), but rather, I got into alignment and received guidance. When I did that, I received the vision.

Our focus should be on our state of being, on our emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Our focus should be on experiencing joy, having loving self-talk, and having a mindfulness practice that allows us to hear the voice of our inner-wisdom. When we focus on getting into alignment, the visions come. That is the secret.