Change Your Life With These Two Questions


The quickest way we can change our lives is to change our minds. Our perception of reality is what creates our life experience. When we shift our mindset, we allow for new possibilities and opportunities. We see potential where, previously, there was none; we look at problems with new eyes, allowing for the solution to arise.

For example: Let's say Samantha has a limiting belief that it's impossible to meet a romantic partner at a bar. I'm not going to meet my future spouse at some nightclub or bar, she professes regularly. Her best friend invites her to a birthday party at a neighborhood bar on Friday night, telling her that that plenty of attractive, single men will be in attendance. Samantha replies with, It's a wast of time. I'm never going to meet my husband at a bar. What she doesn't know is that her perfect match will be there, but because she has decided upon a certain reality, there is no room for the alternative to manifest.

We block what the universe can give us not only in love, but with abundance, friendships, travel opportunities, and other adventures that we could be taking by placing limits on our life; oftentimes, we cling to beliefs and ideas that, quite literally, lock us into one particular version of reality.

We assert things like:

I'm not going to find love as long as I'm overweight.

It's impossible to find a house in that neighborhood.

Jobs like that are hard to get.

This is going to take a long time.

He's never going to change his mind.

There's no way I can pay off that debt.

When we make these declarations, we literally disallow people and situations from entering our field of awareness. So, what's the solution? We open up to the universe by asking questions. We approach life with a feeling of curiosity and wonder, believing that anything is possible. Rather than being steadfast in our thinking, we ask what if? and I wonder questions.

We say things like: What if there was a way I could make the same amount of money and work less? What if I was able to open up to the possibility of being in a relationship? What if the solution was easier than I imagined? What if this didn't take as long as I imagined? What if there was another way of looking at this?

Michael Beckwith, spiritual teacher and author, has spoken about the power of what if questions in his weekly talks at the Agape International Spiritual Center. He suggests that we ask: What if all my needs were met? This is a powerful question because it shifts our mindset from one of lack (poverty consciousness) to one of abundance, and in doing so, we allow for more opportunities to manifest in our lives.

Another powerful question that can change our life is I wonder... Gay Hendricks, spiritual teacher and psychologist, attest the power of I wonder questions, and he recommends that we ask these questions regularly, opening up to answers and possibilities we never could have come up with on our own. We can ask things like: I wonder how I could cultivate more peace in my life? I wonder how I could allow for more abundance than I ever dreamed possible in ways beyond my wildest imagination? I wonder what I would have to let go of to forgive this person? I wonder how I could shift my perception of this situation to align with love?

When we get in the practice of asking these sorts of questions regularly--writing them in our journals, speaking them aloud, and asking ourselves these questions as we go about our day--we will shift the way we see the world, an in turn, the world we see will shift.