Don't Over Plan Your Life


I have a friend who has the next five years of her life planned out, maybe even the next ten. First, she's going to find a new job in Connecticut. Then, she's moving there to be with her boyfriend. Next, he's going to propose; followed by their wedding. After that, they're going to get a large dog - a rust colored lab - followed by a small dog (a fluffy dog for cuddling), and offspring will be be written into the schedule once she turns thirty.

Imagine the pressure involved with knowing (and expecting) life to unfold so exactly. It's almost as if there's part of her (the same part that's in all of us) that wants to control life, because that feels safer, and because we think we know best. But here's the key: Life has its own plan. Life happens. People get sick, pregnant, break up, change, or seek different things as they get older or develop a new mindset. We think we know what would make us happy, but we don't. That job we hoped to get turned out to be the most stressful place to work (thank God we didn't get an offer!). The person we prayed to be with turned out being not half as loving or wonderful as our current partner. What a blessing! That house we put in an offer for that wasn't accepted turned out to have severe water damage. Crisis avoided!

Here's the thing to remember: Things are always working out in our favor, even when they look like they're not. We can make the choice to trust the Universe, God, and know that God's will for us is perfect happiness. Not only will that give us peace of mind, it'll also allow us to be receptive and open to people, places, and situations we never could have imagined. When we don't over plan, we let life surprise us.

So, what do we do when we're feeling the need to control, over plan, or stress about events that haven't unfolded yet. We can pray. Here are a few of my faves:

God, let your will be done.

Gods plan for me is perfect happiness. I place my trust in divine order. I know that all things are working out for my highest good.

I am receptive and open to divine connections and opportunities. I am willing to release my will and let God, the Universe, lead my life.

There's nothing that I need to figure out right now.

One step along the spiritual path is to surrender the future to the divine, fully trusting that the Universe that created the mountains, the stars, and the oceans, knows what it's doing. We can write down our worries and turn them over to God. We can pray for God to take our fears and need to control. Once we realize that life has a plan, and it's often much different from ours, we come to see that it's much easier to take the pressure off ourselves and trust that everything is working out exactly as it should. Whatever we need to fulfill our purpose is being given to us, and there is no need to over plan every single detail. We can replace worry with trust, and we can choose peace over planning. While we don't have control over our lives, we do have control over our thoughts and emotions, and we can choose the path of trust.

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