How to Discover Your Next Step in Life


If you’re feeling stuck and wondering what your next step is in life, then you’re on the right path, because the nature of life is expansion, which means it’s natural to achieve your goals, only to find that you are content for a short while before wanting something else. You change jobs, but months later, when the luster of your new gig wears off, you get an itch to start your own business. You buy a new home, only to find that the kitchen you loved at closing feels outdated in no time, and you want to throw out all of your furniture, because shabby chic no longer resonates with your current aesthetic.

Because all of the Universe is in a state of constant expansion, you are on a perpetual lookout for your next step, be it with regards to your job, finances, physical well-being, or love life. Despite how present you are, or if you’ve sworn to live like an ascetic, only clothing yourself in orange robes and brown suede sandals, you will find that there is always a voice calling you to new experiences, people, and environments. So, the key to happiness, then is to figure out what your next step is, because that is the only way you can do what it takes to move forward on your journey. 

Here’s how you do it:

Step Out of Your Conditioned Mindset

It’s easy to fall into the trap of approaching goals from the mindset that there is one surefire route to success. For example, if you want to become an attorney, you might think it’s as easy as taking the necessary exams, going to law school, and then applying for jobs. If you want to manifest a relationship, it seems logical that you’d get clear on what you’re looking for in a relationship, set up an online profile, and set out to meet as many singles as possible. Creating a life that you love can seem simple enough. But if that’s the case, then why does it feel like such a struggle to know exactly what you should do next, as in this very day, or even minute? How do you create a life that you love when your desires feel too grand, or your life is such a mess that you don’t even know where to begin?

The first step is to step out of your conditioned mindset. You think you want to be a businesswoman, because that would make your parents happy. You tell yourself that you want to have a boatload of a children, because you have an image of a white picket fence and a manufactured concept of suburbia that’s been shaped by the media. 

The truth is that you are on an individual journey that requires you to figure out what your unique next step in life is, and it may not be as obvious as applying to law school, finding a boyfriend, or moving to an exciting city. 

More likely, your next step is not what your mind would suggest, but rather, it’s what your soul craves. 

Expand Your Consciousness

So in order to discover your next step, the key is to shift your focus, or in other words, approach your life from a different level of awareness. Rather than figuring out your next step logically, ask yourself what’s been stirring in your heart. Is your Spirit craving connection, community, or a new way to express yourself creatively? Does your Spirit want you to release negative patterns and vices that are blocking you from fulfilling your potential? Does your Spirit want you to step out of your comfort zone? 

Your next step is the next step on your spiritual journey; once you discover the next step you have to take in order to align with your Highest Self - that version of you that loves herself, is confident and is increasingly receptive to love and abundance - the action step you will need to take will become clear.

Life is an energetic game. To get to the next level, you need to take a look at your energy and see what’s blocking you. Do you have trauma to heal? Someone to forgive? Do you need to stop the negative self-talk that consumes your mind everyday. 

To figure out your next step, ask yourself this one very powerful question: Where am I not in alignment with Love? Where in my life am I still trying to control, blaming others, or behaving in a way that is negative, stingy, or judgmental?

It can be helpful to work with someone who is aware of energy, because it can be difficult to see your own blocks. Oftentimes, you want to apply for a better job, move, or ask that special person on a date, but you just can’t seem to get it together enough to make it happen. Why? Because you have to do the energetic work before you can take any real world action step. For example, if you want to ask out someone, but you find it nearly impossible, it could be because you have subconscious fears of commitment. It could be that you lack confidence, and you need to work on self-love before you can manifest a partner. 

If you’re committed to a spiritual practice, you can receive intuitive guidance as to what’s blocking you energetically. To deepen your connection to spirit, check out the following articles:

If you’re not yet at the point where you are tapped into your intuition, one of the best ways to get to your “next level,” is to set up a session to discover your blocks. Send me a message if you’d like help with discovering what your next step is.

Here’s the key: Most people approach achieving their desires from the point of view of the world, which is that they need to work harder, earn more degrees, and stress out. However, that is completely backwards. It’s not a result of effort and stress that’s going to create more room for abundance and love in your life. All that’s required is a shift in energy, which, oftentimes, is accompanied with the release of a block.

To put it simply: It’s not about trying harder; it’s about tapping into intuitive guidance, or working with a person who can read energy in order to discover what your next step is. So, if you want to experience more joy and abundance, then look inward and focus on becoming more spiritually mature and aware. Work on becoming more receptive to intuitive guidance by meditating, getting still, and quieting the voice of your mind so that you can hear the whispers of your spirit. You will discover that you don’t need a new car, apartment, or boyfriend, you simply need to continue on your spiritual path by releasing any block that’s keeping you from thinking and behaving like your Highest Self. Once you align with that part of you that is loving and open (instead of fearful and closed-off), you’ll find that you’ll naturally manifest the better job, apartment, and partner. 



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