Keys to the Law of Attraction & How to Manifest

What is the law of attraction, really? There’s an overwhelming amount of information about manifesting, and still, the idea that you create your reality by what you focus on can still feel hard to put into practice. That being said, there are six keys to understanding the law of attraction, from why it works, to how to clear resistance in order to manifest your dreams. So, if you want to manifest your heart’s desires, read on to find out keys that will help you to not only grasp the LOA intellectually, but to find out how you can apply it and become a manifesting wiz.

Key #1 Expansion is the name of the game.

The universe continues to thrive and create on one basis: expansion. Just as a single-celled organism evolved into an intelligent human being capable of flying over airplanes and communicating with people around the world in a matter of seconds, the universe is built upon the concept of more. Divine energy is creative energy, and it’s constantly seeking to grow, evolve, and improve. You are an extension of diving energy, and so, just like the universe, you continually desire growth. You get a new job, only to find that, in a matter of weeks, you crave a promotion.

You buy a new house, but after a few short months, you are dissatisfied with the kitchen, and you want to renovate. You are built with a strong desire to learn more, to be more, and to step into your highest, most authentic version of yourself. It is not only natural to desire growth, it is part of your divine energy. Human beings seek to birth companies, create brands, and build houses, just as all of creation gets pleasure in creating forests, mountains and creatures. You are a continually expanding creative being. You were never meant to live a stagnant life, or to cease growing. As a divine being, you are always on a quest for progress.

Key #2 You experience contrast to clarify your desire.

You go on horrible dates. Your job sucks. Your apartment has roaches, and your roommate is a crummy human being. These experiences are what Abraham Hicks calls contrast. As you are in the process of clarifying your desires, you will experience their opposite. Each experience you have that creates a desire within you makes your ideal reality even more nuanced and rich with detail. Here’s another way of looking at it: The more dates you go on, the more specifically you will learn what you are looking for in a partner. You might start with a general list, such as someone who’s athletic, smart, and funny, but with every bad date you go on, you’ll add specifics about your dream partner (that you wouldn’t have even considered had you not experienced the opposite). After a couple of sour relationships with atheists, you’ll crave a spiritual partner, someone with whom you can discuss metaphysics. 

Here’s the key: You don’t want to focus on the contrast. Stop complaining about your bad dates, crummy job, and crazy roommate. 

Instead, focus on what you’re creating on an energetic level. Once you are crystal clear about what you’re looking for in a partner, hold tight to that vision, and don’t focus on how your date from last night was 45 minutes late. Experience the contrast, but then use it to fuel your desire for future manifestations. You don’t want to live in that energy. 

#3 You cannot manifest if you have resistance.

You say you want a deeply connected relationship, but you are afraid of being vulnerable. You say you want a better job, but, deep down, you don’t think you’re good enough. You say you want to make movies, but part of you believes that it’s not possible; it’s just a silly dream, and you need to be practical. If you have limiting beliefs about what you can create, or what is possible given your current situation, you will not manifest your desired outcome. You must let go of your doubts, insecurities, and any beliefs that oppose the manifestation of your desires. This takes some inventory work, as you will have to survey your mind, upbringing, and take an honest look at what your psyche holds. If you grew up in a family that had money challenges, you might be suffering from poverty consciousness, and so the first step to manifesting would be to shift your beliefs around money and release your resistance.

#4 Manifesting isn’t about trying; it’s about allowing.

To become a master at surrender, read    Release Resistance to Find Happiness.

To become a master at surrender, read Release Resistance to Find Happiness.

The world would suggest that you need to work really hard. In fact, it will celebrate your exhaustion and busy schedule, validating you for putting in such great effort. That’s not the way the law of attraction works, though. You don’t manifest as a result of effort; you manifest because you’ve shifted your energy to one of allowance, to receptivity. Here’s an analogy. Let’s say you want to experience physical pleasure, but you’re insecure, stressed, and your body is tense. You can try all you want to experience pleasure, but your body won’t be able to receive it.

If you really want your body to feel good, you’ll have to loosen your limbs, take deep breaths, and let go. Receiving pleasure is not about control or working hard; it’s about letting go. The minute you stick your gut out, breath in deep, and relax, you’ll be able to feel tingles up and down your arm. Sensations will feel more intense. You’ll increase your receptivity to pleasure. The same is true for manifesting: You want to increase your ability to receive abundance, love, and joy. You don’t need to make it happen. Just loosen up, take some deep breaths, and trust the universe. Stop trying to effort your way to joy and love. 

#5 You manifest your desires faster if you surrender them.

This brings us to #5: You must surrender your desires. Your logical brain is limited. Your body is limited. Your knowledge is limited. If you want to manifest your desires, you must give them over to the universe. If you want to manifest a husband, you must trust that the universe will bring him to you (and at the right time). Stop trying to control things. Stop making plans. Give up the idea that your’e going to figure it all out. You don’t know anything. There is a divine plan that is continually unfolding, and it is absolutely perfect. Let the universe take the lead (and take a break!). You deserve it. You’re probably exhausted!

#6 You think you know what you want.

You think you want to be a millionaire. You think you want a big house, a fancy car, and a partner who looks like a model. Here’s the problem: Deep down, you might not really want these things. You only think you do, because we live in a world that sells us a single narrative of what happiness looks like. The truth is that you might be the happiest living in a small house, without all of the upkeep. You might crave a life of peace and quiet, over one of fame and notoriety. You might think you want the two kids and the white picket fence, but, some other part of you-your spirit-might crave a life of travel and spiritual growth. 

Here’s the key: We’ve all been programmed to want the latest iPhone, the newest model of Mercedes, and a house that looks like we’ve just won a grammy, but most of these desires are born from the world.

This is not to say that your true desire might not be to live in a mansion, but rather, that you wanted to truly survey what your heart wants, because you can only manifest that which you want on a deeper, subconscious level. Most of the desires you hatch are surface-level; the spirit wants connection, to creatively express, to evolve, and to feel the fullness of unconditional love. The more you are in alignment with your soul’s calling, the easier time you will have manifesting, because you won’t be fighting your purpose, going upstream. Instead, you’ll listen to your still, small voice-your intuitive guidance-and you’ll pursue desires that are in alignment with the deep callings of your heart.

If you can grasp these 6 concepts, they will help you to identify what you really want, and subsequently, manifest those desires. For more tips and manifesting hacks, be sure to check out A Radically New Way to Set Goals.



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