Why I Signed Up for Marie Forleo’s B-School & How to Invest in Yourself


This week, I started Marie Forleo’s famous B-school, (short for business school), an online 8-week course, which I decided to take with my partner Tim. It was a curious decision, as I hadn’t planned on completing any courses (the idea came from Tim and one of our good friends who signed up for the course). When I learned about the program, I hesitated to sign up, as it costs $2,000 and watching the videos and completing the “assignments” takes several hours each week. However, I decided to sign up for several reasons; one of which is that I understand the power of investing in myself and that, often, it is a step that is overlooked when considering manifesting a desire.

So, why sign up for B-School? And why should you invest in yourself? There are 5 reasons:

Your next step might look different than you imagined.

Your mind wants to figure everything out. It hatches a plan and then expects that the Universe will carry out said plan, like the genie from Aladdin. This is not the way manifestation works. It’s more likely that your next step to manifest your dreams will look different than you anticipated. This is true for most things in life: Your dream relationship will probably look different than you imagined. Your path will be different than you planned, and Life (with a capital L, because she’s got plans of her own) will throw you curveballs.

Here’s the key: When an idea comes into your awareness, either because friends brought it up, or you keep hearing about a book or video on the topic, that’s the Universe is nudging you in that direction.

Your next step will be out of the blue. You get a gut feeling to change your schedule, apply for a new job, or move. It can feel illogical, because you didn’t plan for it, and yet, some part of you - your spirit - is calling you forward. When you feel nudged, as if a spark of curiosity has been lit, move forward in faith, even if you are afraid. Trust that you are being guided and surrender the need to stick to the concrete plan that your mind hatched.

Key #2: The more you fear taking thE next step, the more you need to have faith and leap.

There’s a voice in your head that says you don’t have the money to work with a trainer, or coach. You don’t have the time to go back to school. It’s impractical to take out a business loan, change jobs, or join that meditation class. The voice in your head will scream NO before your spirit whispers yes. The more fear and resistance you have to taking the next step, the more likely it is that you absolutely must go in that direction.

This is counter-intuitive, as the spiritual path is all about following intuitive guidance, and yet, it’s hard to discern between fearful thoughts that the ego kicks up and the encouraging voice of spirit. Whenever you are taking steps towards growth, towards manifesting abundance, love, or pursing your dreams, your ego will put up a fight, because change is uncomfortable, and even though your mind consciously tells you that it’s ready to start a business, or manifest your dream house, there are subconscious fears that will rise to the surface.

Here’s the key: There’s a part of you that wants to self-sabotage. It’s mean, grumpy, and self-critical. It tells you that you need to lose weight. It says that you’ll never publish that book, start that business, or move to the west coast. It’s afraid to leap, change, or grow. The bigger the next step is, the more resistance your ego will kick up. Just as you’re ready to lose the weight, your ego will suggest that it’s too hard and you shouldn’t bother. Right when you are on the verge of manifesting a new job, it’ll tell you that you’re insane for giving up your 401K to follow your heart.

Key #3: You need to invest in yourself before the Universe will back you up.

You want to start a business, but you won’t invest any of your retirement money. You want to lose weight, but you won’t shop less in order to afford a trainer. You want to manifest a relationship, but you won’t work overtime to pay for a quality dating app, or a coach to help you identify your blocks. So, do you really want these things? If you did, you’d be willing to make it happen. If you really desired growth, you’d be willing to do what it takes. 

The Universe will conspire in your favor the minute you decide that you’re serious about what you want, and often, being serious about something means you have to make sacrifices. Anything in life that’s worth having is worth working for. A loving relationship requires time, patience, and a willingness to talk through fear. Being fit and healthy requires making good choices when it comes to what you eat and setting aside the time to exercise. Similarly, your dreams require energy, time, and even money.

Here’s the key: You need to invest in yourself as a way to declare to the universe that you are serious about making your dream a reality. If you’re not willing to invest in yourself, you’re half-assing it. You’re expecting that your dream business, body, or relationship, is just going to show up at your door. Newsflash: The Universe is not going to knock on your door and ask to see your screenplay. You’ve got to go after your dreams like they matter, because the truth is that they do.

Key #4: When you really believe that your dream is possible, you will take the next step.

Your desire will pull you through every obstacle. When you decide that you really want something and you believe that it’s possible, you find the motivation to do what it takes. However, if you don’t really think that’s it’s possible to manifest your dream, if you tell yourself that it’ll never happen, or it’s unrealistic, then you’re not going to be willing to take the next step towards growth, because your doubts will stop you from making your dream a reality.

You want to shift from believing that your project matters, that it’s just a dream, meaning, something unattainable, to believing that it’s not only possible, but worth doing what it takes to make it a reality. You want to shift your mindset by letting go of limiting beliefs that your dream is unrealistic.

Key #4: It’s not about talent.

People who achieve their dreams are willing to put in the time, money, and effort. It’s not about how talented you are, what you look like, or where you came from. Some of the most successful people - professionally and personally - have pasts that wouldn’t suggest a high likeliness for future success, yet, they were willing to put in the time, money, and energy. They were willing to invest in themselves. They were willing to make pursuing their dreams a priority. 

So, in the end, it all comes down to your self-worth, because if you really believed that you were worth it - if you really loved yourself - you’d be willing to take the next step. You’d be willing to leap. 

I guess that’s why I signed up for B-School, because I believe in my writing (and myself) and I know that there are strategies I can learn that will help me get it out to the world. I have faith that the Universe is guiding me, and I’m willing to listen. I’m willing to grow, expand, and move through the uncomfortableness of taking the next step.



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