The Key to Manifesting: Shift from Possible to Probable


How do you manifest a partner, a new job, or enough money to not just get out of debt, but actually save enough money to buy a home, or take your dream vacation? You know all about the law of attraction, but something about it still feels mysterious, like black holes, dark matter, or figuring out what’s really deductible when doing your taxes. 

Here’s the thing: The thought of consciously manifesting can feel frustrating, because it involves a shift in your energy, beliefs, and level of consciousness, which is a far more nuanced shift to make, when compared to making a change in the physical world. While it’s commonly accepted that you need take action to create a life that you love, the law of attraction states that the action will come only after you line up with your goals energetically.

Want a partner? You could go on a thousand dates and not find your perfect match if you’re not in alignment with the energy of love. Want a new job? You could send a hundred resumes, only to find that you’re stuck in the same crummy cubicle with your weird cubby-mate Al, who always smells like cigarettes and stinky cheese. I’ll say it again, because it’s worth repeating: Manifesting is not a matter of action. If it were, everyone who worked hard would be rewarded with successful careers, happy marriages, and perfect bodies. We all know there are plenty of people who try, but they just can’t seem to reach their goals. So, the first step to manifesting is to throw the idea that you can hustle your way to a great life out the window.

Instead, if you want to manifest anything - a person, place, thing, or situation - you have to look inward. How do you begin? Easy-peasy. Step one: You check your beliefs.

Your Life is an Outward Projection of Your Beliefs

If you’re in debt, you unconsciously believe that it’s hard to get money, or you’re not worthy of abundance. If you can’t find a partner, you unconsciously believe that love will hurt you, or you’re unworthy of love. If you’re stuck in a crummy job, you unconsciously believe that it’s too difficult to get a better job, or you don’t deserve one, because you’re not smart enough, good enough, or maybe no one in your family attained that much success, so you feel limited by where you came from. 

It’s important to point out that much of what’s limiting you is unconscious, because it’s almost impossible to know what our beliefs are based on what our conscious mind tells us. I want to find a nice, honest man! our mind tells us, and when we meet a man who’s ready for a relationship, we call him “nice” and tell him that there’s no chemistry, which is one of the greatest love myths of all time.

So, it’s clear that what we say we want doesn’t align with the choices we make in life. We say we want to get fit, but we don’t go to the gym. We say we want to save money, but we find ourselves at T.J. Maxx, yet again, as if we need yet another piece of Tupperware with covered in a floral pattern, or a mug with an inspirational message.

No, you cannot trust your conscious mind when it comes to manifesting. You have to look to what you are manifesting as signposts that point to the beliefs you hold. If you haven’t had a boyfriend in three years, trust me, you’ve got some unconscious fears of love.

The Key to Changing Your Beliefs

Once you recognize that your beliefs are not in accord with what you want to attract into your life, you want to begin to shift them. One of the most popular methods spoken about when it comes to manifesting is affirming that which you’ve want. I’ve spoken about affirmations in several articles, such as The Cure for Procrastination or 7 Ways to Fit a Spiritual Practice into Your Schedule. They can be incredibly powerful, particularly if you listen to them as you’re sleeping. 

However, there are times when you’ve affirmed: I am successful a million times, and still, you can’t seem to pay your electric bill. If that’s the case, then it’s time for a different approach. Here’s the secret: You have resistance to manifesting your dreams, meaning, you have mental blocks, and they need to be softened.

Shift from Possible to Probable


One in a million become a star. It’s hard to make millions of dollars. You need to know people. You need to be young and thin to attract a partner. You need to have a certain degree to get that job. We’ve been taught to believe that it’s harder to do some things, but not others. We’ve been taught that there are certain criteria to accomplish our dreams, and depending on what they are, those guidelines have to do with our upbringing, education, or physical appearance.

We’ve developed actual neural pathways in our brain that tell us that it’s hard to be rich, become a successful actor, or start a business. So, if you want to manifest, you have to shift from possible to probable, meaning, you have to believe that it’s likely that you will get that job, manifest money, enter into a relationship, etc. It can’t feel like a dream, something that is unattainable and reserved for the rich, the beautiful, or the lucky.

“Place no limits on your thinking. The moment they are considered probable, they become certainty,” Uell S. Anderson wrote in his book Three Magic Words. Understand the subtlety of the shift Anderson is recommending - from believing that something is probable.

If something is probable, it means that there’s a good chance of it happening. It means that you’re prepared. If the weather forecasts says that rain is probable, you’ll be sure to pack an umbrella in your purse. 

You want to start telling yourself things like: It’s likely that I’m going to meet someone. It’s only a matter of time. It’s probable that I’m going to get a job. I’m not going to be searching forever. It feels like the next natural step for me is to work with an agent, or get my script produced. 

In this way, you’re leaning into the manifestation. You’re not declaring: I am a millionaire, when you have fifty cents in the bank. Rather, you’re softening your resistance to wealth, as you say things like: It’s only a matter of time before I make more money. It’s likely that I’m going to do better this year than I did last year. It’s definitely probable. It only makes sense that as I learn and mature, my ability to make and save money will improve. 

So, give it a shot. Shift your beliefs so that your manifestation feels like the next logical step. Believe that it’s likely that everything you want is on its way; it’s natural and easy. The path to manifestation is effortless, and while you will be called to take inspired action, you can only attract something into your life if you believe that it is the next natural step. If becoming a millionaire feels like a far-away fantasy, it’ll never manifest. You want to ground your dreams in probability. You want to plant your vision in a soil of likeliness. Give it a shot. Start affirming the probability of your desires manifesting, and watch how quickly the Universe will rise up to conspire in your favor. 



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