JESSIE LEON, A.K.A. Rebel Hippie Soul

I offer one-on-one coaching sessions over the phone, or on Skype. I can help you to:

  • identify your limiting beliefs & blocks to love

  • gain clarity on your relationships (whether you’re single or in a partnership), using principles from A Course in Miracles

  • give you journal prompts, guided meditations & suggest books for your read, specific to the block you’re looking to dissolve in your life

  • talk through issues of trauma & help you heal the past

  • shift your mindset to achieve your goals

Here are some questions we will answer together during a session:

-What are your limiting believes about love/partnership (what ideas/perceptions do you currently hold that’s keeping you from manifesting intimacy and close partnership?

-What do you really fear? (You think you fear giving up your job to move for someone, but really, you fear giving up control. You think you fear going on dates because you’re shy, but really, you hate your body, so you won’t let anyone get close to you. You think you fear commitment, but really, you fear receiving love because you don’t feel worthy.)

-How do your fears manifest? (Physically - stomach pains, migraines, etc…. Do you withdraw? Choose not to see your partner? Do you act impulsively - break up? Start fights? Find flaws with the other person?) *This is about learning to identify, not just your fears and how they manifest, but what your patterns are when they arise. How do you show up in relationships? Most of the time, it’s easy to show up unconsciously and repeat past patterns; you’re used to withdrawing, or shutting down, or acting passive aggressively. You want to identify the exact feelings and sensations you experience when fear arises and name your patterns.

-What traumas/past memories do you have that are keeping you from manifesting close partnership? (Issues with parents, exes, self-love issues with your body, overeating, eating disorders, addictions). What patterns did you pick up from your parents of which you are currently unaware?

-What specific practices can you implement to clear these blocks once you become aware of them?

-How can you integrate a daily spiritual/mindfulness practice into your life for the purpose of cultivating your emotional intelligence, recognizing blocks as the arise, and reprogramming your subconscious mind? (Your brain has developed neural pathways that could, potentially, read as: Love = pain, or Love = abandonment). You want to create new neural pathways that are in alignment with your spirit and that will help you to manifest love.

-What practices can you commit to with your partner in order to cultivate intimacy and partnership?

-How can you increase the amount of joy and peace you feel/receive on a daily basis? How do you upper-limit (ex: Do you manifest illness? Do you self-sabotage? Are you addicted to drama?)

-What does the highest-vibrating version of YOU look like? What does she feel? What habits does she have on a daily basis? How does she respond to fear when it arises? What dreams does she pursue? What micro-movements can you make to step into that vision? How can you use the law of attraction to manifest?

-What thoughts/beliefs/actions are not in alignment with your soul? (How do you stop shopping to much? Overeating? Or people-pleasing? What vices do you need to release, and how do you release them?)

-Where do you need support/encouragement/someone to hold space for you to step into your Highest Self?

-What blocks do I sense that you have to opening your heart and creating a life that you love? What fear are you not seeing?

-What needs to be said to you that your parents, friends, or partners won’t say?

-How do you approach every situation and moment from a place of love? How do you identify and then follow through with making higher-vibrating choices (even when it feels terrible).

-How do you handle a “dark night of the soul”? What do you do when everything feels like it’s falling apart? How do you let go?

-What do you do as your ego begins to crumble and you start to awaken spiritually? 

-How do you discern between the voice of your ego and the voice of your soul? How can you be confident when making decisions (romantic or otherwise) that you’re acting out of intuitive guidance, opposed to egoic desires?

-What are your next steps?

Overview: We will look at your life, not from a logical, real-world perspective (as you would when discussing issues with your friends), but rather, from what’s going on energetically. Everything that you manifest is a result of your vibration, spiritual lessons you need to learn, and shifts you need to make energetically. If you feel “stuck,” for example, it’s not because your’e not doing enough, or because life is unfair; it’s because you have a block. You need to shift your perception, go inward, and identify why you are manifesting struggle. If things like debt, romantic problems, and weight problems are the symptoms, we need to look at the roots; what’s underneath. I’m not going to tell you to go to the gym and lift weights. I’m going to look at why you don’t go to the gym (what’s blocking you), even though you know that you should. Everyone knows what to do, but the real question is why aren’t you pursuing your passions, cultivating intimacy in your relationship, or showing up boldly in your life? Who is your soul calling you to be, and what are the next steps of your journey?

A 1-hour session is $60, which can be paid through Venmo, or Paypal. Contact me to set up a session, or a free 15-minute consult.