If I were to sum up all of my beliefs - spiritual and otherwise - I'd tuck them all into a single word: hope. In my 34 years on this planet, I've gone through depression, dark nights of the soul, and have also experienced real happiness and love. Some part of me keeps looking to metaphysics, the unseen world, seeking answers to life's mysteries and people's greatest pains; and in over a decade of searching, the only true conclusion I've drawn is that while we are here on earth, inhabiting these bodies, we must never lose hope. While our religious/spiritual faith can waver, and while our faith in people or life can diminish as we are faced with challenges that can feel overwhelming, all we can do (really) is keep hoping, stay positive, and try to show up in life as a person filled with compassion, forgiveness, and generosity. 

 I have written for Elephant Journal, New Age Journal, Sivana Spirit, Your Tango, Thought Catalog, and The Journey Mag.

Contact me at or @rebelhippisoul.

Peace + blessings,

Jessie Leon