Spiritual Partnership


Two years ago, I decided that I wanted a spiritual partner. Strangely enough, it wasn't as if it was something that was so much a decision as it was a sensing that there was a multiverse, or a possible future, in which I was in a divine partnership with someone who would enter into a relationship with me for the purpose of furthering the evolution of our consciousnesses. 

A year later, God brought me a noble companion who has held me accountable for transmuting my fearful thoughts, making higher-vibrating choices, and for being brave when I want to shy away from a challenge.

He is never afraid to tell me the honest truth: Jessie, you are speaking from your ego. Listen to the story you have. You are not showing up as love in this moment.

When I receive this feedback, my ego wants to shout: You don't understand! I can't be loving because the situation is fill-in-the-blank, or this person is just so unloveable!

He tells me to submit my writing, to pursue my dreams, to step into my power.

How blessed am I to have someone who pushes me? Who reminds me that I am capable, intelligent, and powerful?

Spiritual partnership is about eliciting the best from each other. It's about holding space for your partner's highest self to emerge at every moment. It's about reminding him or her of what he or she is capable of and being a source of encouragement.

I have let go of so many fears over the past few weeks. I have been recognizing where I act out of my ego and have been actively choosing to act out of my heart instead.

Now it's time to be brave, to imagine possible futures, to consider what I could risk, how I could serve, and what would really light me up in terms of living a full, passionate life.

I love writing about metaphysics and how to apply esoteric principles in a pragmatic way. It fills my heart with so much joy, it is profound. I wonder what the next steps for me are; how I can welcome new possibilities to my life...what God has in store for me.

I am grateful to have a partner who supports me wholeheartedly. What a blessing. 

Jessica Leon