Use the Law of Attraction to Make Your Relationship Awesome


When most people think of the law of attraction, what comes to mind is vision boards, visualization, and holding the unrelenting thought and feeling of having a Mercedes until it shows up in their garage.

Yes, all of that is true.

But there's more. The law of attraction states that whatever we focus upon grows. Our thoughts are vibrations that draw to us matching vibrations. When we think a thought that is rooted in fear, we manifest negative situations, and when we think a thought that is hopeful and rooted in love, we manifest positive outcomes.

Simple enough, huh? So how can we apply this fairly simple metaphysical principle to our romantic lives to make our relationships amazing? 

Here's how:

1.Only focus on the good. It's so easy to complain about our partners (almost as easy as it is for our partners to complain about us). We're all imperfectly perfect: messy, sometimes selfish, illogical, grumpy, lazy, etc. Whatever attributes we focus on will be the ones we illicit from our partner. If we focus on the positive aspects, we will elicit those aspects more. As we withdraw our attention from the behaviors they exhibit that we deem as negative, those behaviors will lesson. Our work is to stop thinking about those behaviors/attributes that drive us crazy, stop talking about them to our girlfriends, and most important, stop sharing these opinions with with our partner.

2.Express gratitude for your partner. In addition to ignoring the behaviors you don't enjoy, focus on what you do love about your partner; express appreciation every single day. Tell your partner about what specifically love about him, sing his praise, and he will behave that way more often. You will, quite literally, draw forth whatever you focus on.

3.Stop talking about your problems. Your problems continue because you are continually focusing on them. You think the same thoughts, react the same way, and show up as the same person every day, expecting the same behavior from your partner as you did yesterday. The patterns repeat. What if you thought differently? Treated your partner differently? What if you stopped talking about the things he wasn't doing, or the places he wasn't taking you? What if you were willing to shift your energy with the knowledge that your shift would, in turn, affect him. Try it out. Stop talking about your problems. Stop trying to figure everything out. Problems fade the less we focus on them. This is not to say that we should never express our feelings or share with our partner; radical honesty is a key to conscious love. However, most of what we tend to share is not about being vulnerable and sharing our authentic truths. Most of the time, we nag, complain, judge, and think we know better. You should be cleaner! You're always late! You never want to go out! These things chip away at our relationships (and manifest more of that behavior).

It can feel like a huge effort to change our thoughts, behaviors and reactions. We have been conditioned to react a certain way, to think fearful thoughts, and to judge. There is a certain amount of momentum that has been built up. We have to be willing to shift, to look at things differently, in order to create a new relationship. 


RelationshipsJessica Leon