Stop Talking About Your Relationship Problems to Your Friends.


I've stopped talking about my relationship problems to my friends. Well, that's not true. I've stop talking about my relationship problems to my friends about 90 percent of the time; the other 10 percent, of the time, I am seeking advice when I've been feeling overly emotional or insane. This has made all the difference in how I feel about my relationship, as the more we focus on problems, the more problems arise.

The law of attraction states that we we put our attention on manifests, and yet, we find it nearly impossible to keep our mouths shut when our partner is being particularly annoying. We want to plea our case to people who love us, because we feel they will take our side, and thus, prove that we are right and our partner is just a big ol' idiot.

But how does that serve our relationship? And further, what does that do to the dynamic of future dinner parties, when all of our friends believe that our partner is a jerk, because they've heard us complaining for so long?

Instead, it serves us to share less and focus on the positive. Oftentimes, being tight-lipped, can be the best thing we can do to get our relationship on track and shift our mindset from being overly pessimistic. Every relationship has problems, and the easiest thing we can do is complain about our partner, but the emotionally mature thing to do is to zip it and choose lighter matters to discuss. What we focus upon will only intensify and grow, and as we focus less and less on the negative, we will see less and less negativity in our relationships.