Why People Love You or Hate You


We project our unconscious thoughts and feelings of ourselves outward, and they come back to us in the form of feedback: other people's opinions, judgments, and thoughts of us.

If we believe ourself to be beautiful and carry ourself as though we are beautiful, often, someone will comment on our beauty, saying things like Did you do something different? You look so good! But it's not our actual physical appearance, it's the energy we bring, it's how we show up in the world.

Conversely, if we show up insecure; if we look in the mirror and think I could really use some makeup, we will hear that echoed back to us in the form of coworkers or friends saying things like, You look tired. Are you sick?

The reaction you elicit from others mirrors your unconscious feelings about yourself.

That's true in every circumstance: How we feel about ourselves is always mirrored back by the feedback others give us. We we put out comes back. The metaphysical truth is that we are all connected; there is only one of us here; one consciousness. The concept of duality is an illusion.

So if we're getting feedback that's negative, it's our energetic job to realign, to shift our perspectives, and to choose different thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that align with love, peace, and spirit.


Mindful LivingJessica Leon