Stop Hanging Around Dramatic People.


There are certain people who interact in the world more like performers in a tragic comedy than ordinary people going about their day-to-day business. They thrive on attention, which they create by being overly emotional, hyperbolic when recounting even the most mundane situation, and they are unable to express their emotions in a calm and steady manner. In a very childlike way, people who enjoy drama throw tantrums, manipulate, and blow every little thing out of proportion.

On paper, this seems horrible; and yet, so many of us choose to hang around dramatic people (and even date them!). Why? On the surface, the reason is because life can feel monotonous, and emotions, especially big, negative ones, can distract us from the humdrum of everyday existence. Our egos love to be dazzled by the promise of entertainment, even if that promise comes in the form of fits of hysteria or rage.

But here's the real reason why we're drawn to drama: We resonate with the frequency of dramatic people. Their behavior is an unconscious call for love. People who require constant attention--consolation, calming down, and working things out--don't feel good about themselves. They have a hole--a psychic and emotional wound, at their core--that needs filling, and so they manifest problems to draw their focus away from their inner-world (because it can be difficult to look at our shadows, the less attractive parts of ourselves). Their pain is projected onto others: Look what he did! Can you believe this happened? I can't believe you're taking her side! Their stories are a way to dissociate from their soul's calling, which is to make peace with their pain, and eventually, integrate it in an emotionally healthy way. 

In order to stop attracting dramatic people into our lives, we must reflect on how their emotional tumult has been serving us (making us feel important? mirroring our own emotional wounds? making us feel like the "sane" ones, etc.). The next step is to walk away from any drama queen we meet. We can send them love from afar (energetically, or with a prayer), but we have no responsibility to engage with them (even if they're a family member, or a blind date). We must take responsibility for who we allow into our lives and be mindful of energetic vampires who will require constant tending and soothing of their emotional outbursts. 

Instead, we can choose to focus on our goals. We can choose to surround ourselves with positive, supportive people, and we can become the person our soul is calling us to be. We are here to express the light of the divine, not to serve as a psychic bandage to the outpouring of another's emotional wounds. We can let go, say goodbye, and love ourselves enough to make a different choice.