An Easy Peasy Meditation


My partner, Tim, loves to do long meditations, which he begins by doing an even longer stretch of intense breathing exercises that require some real physical exertion. 

I'm pretty lazy.

I love to meditate, but as I find that many of my meditative practices involve movement, or doing things that are creative, live writing, I tend to opt for much shorter meditations that I can squeeze into a busy morning or when I'm feeling stressed or tired.

Here's one of my favorite meditations. It's easy peasy. I call it the All-is-Well Meditation. It goes like this:

1.Sit or lay somewhere comfortable. 

2.Play some calm reiki music.

Here is a LINK to one of my favorite music to play while meditating.


3.Take all of your stress (or whatever series of thoughts that are filling your mind), and be willing to let it/them go. Inhale. Exhale. Breathe.

4.Repeat the mantra (in your mind): All is well.

All is well. Breathe. All is well. Breathe. All is well. Breathe. All is well.

5.Sit with the feeling that all really is well. 

Let go of any thoughts about your boss, husband, or the fact that your dog just peed on the new couch. Rest easy. Imagine what it would feel like to believe that everything really is okay - because it is.

The all-is-well meditation is a time for you to pause all of your stressful thoughts (you can go back to them when the 5 minute period is over, if you'd like). Our minds love to look for problems, tell us that our partners/boss/employees/friends/family should be different; the weather should be different; and life, itself, should be different! Our Spirit - that still, small voice deep inside - knows that all is well. Sit with that feeling. Cultivate it. Let it wash over you like a salve on days when you're feeling run down or sad. Don't forget to breathe. All is well, darling.