The Secret to Starting a Meditation Practice & Not Flaking

If you are wondering how to meditate, or, if you get the gist, but you just can’t seem to actually sit down and do it, at least not on a consistent basis, then I’m going to give you the secret to starting a meditation practice (and actually sticking to it).

Here’s the secret: Think of meditation as exercise for your spiritual muscle. No one really wants to exercise. No one comes home from work, tired, and thinks, I can’t wait to put on some sweats and go do some burps at the gym. You work out, because you understand the benefits of exercise, and you prioritize having a healthy body, so even when you don’t feel like working out, you do it anyway.

The same goes for meditating. Most of the time, you’re not going to feel like meditating. It takes much less effort to watch television, browse Instagram, or eat a bag of chips. That being said, there are three secrets I’m going to give you that’s going to motivate you to actually starting (and following through with) a daily meditation practice. 

Secret #1 You don’t really understand the benefits.


It’s easy to see the benefits of exercising by opening up a health magazine, or talking to a friend who lost twenty pounds by running every morning. The results of working out are pretty obvious, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that you can have a better life experience if you’re healthy and you feel good in your body. That being said, no one really talks about the benefits of meditation, so it’s easy to see why you don’t want to do it.

Well, here are just some benefits to mediating that people never talk about:

1.You work less.

What? Huh? How? Most of the action steps you’re talking come from your ego, your rational, thinking mind. Your mind tries to figure out how to make more money, or which jobs to apply to. Your mind weighs the pros and cons. It’s limited in its ability to guide you, because the human mind only knows so much. However, when you meditate, you tap into your sixth sense, your intuition, which knows far more than your thinking mind. After meditating, you’ll feel an impulse to text your friend about that job you want, or go to a particular website. It’ll feel like a little nudge. All of a sudden, things are working out better for you than you ever could’ve imagine. You’re meeting people who can help. Things are flowing better. You’re doing less, but you’re more successful. Why? You’ve tapped into your spirit by meditating, and your spirit is the guide you want to listen to, not your mind. 

2.You identify your blocks to happiness.

You want to stick to your diet, but you keep self-sabotaging. You want to have a meaningful relationship, but you can’t seem to manifest a partner who’s not a jerk. You want to write a book, but you can’t stop watching television. Why? You have blocks to receiving love, happiness, and abundance. You don’t know what they are (or at least, your conscious mind doesn’t). You need to get into an altered state in order to become aware of the information that’s stored in your conscious mind. You can reach this state through meditation. Let’s pretend you just got dumped (again) by a crummy human being. You can choose to: a)Stay in bed, eat ice cream, and cry, or b)Commit to a daily mediation practice and set the intention to become aware of your blocks to love. You will become aware of them when you are willing to listen to the still, small voice inside of you.

3.You stop acting like a lunatic. 

You get mad, and you curse, scream, or do start an argument. You fight with your partner. You text your friend that she’s a bitch. The flight is late, and you complain for the next six hours. Admit it: You’re a lunatic! You need to take a chill pill, and by chill pill, I mean you need to meditate. Start your morning with just 10 minutes of meditation in order to cultivate a feeling of peace that will ground you so that you are able to respond to stressful and frustrating situations that are bound to occur later on in the day with ease and from a place of centeredness.

Secret #2 In the beginning, you’re going to suck at meditating, and it’s not going to be fun.

Think of meditating the way you might think of committing to running every morning when you haven’t so much as walked quickly, much less broken a sweat your entire life. The first morning that you go out for your run, it’s going to be painful, and you’re not going to get very far. After five or ten minutes, you’ll be wheezing, like an old cat on its deathbed. Does that mean you should quit? Does that mean that running’s just not for you, or that the benefits aren’t there? Of course not! It just means that you’re a beginner, and you need to give yourself a break. 

The same goes for meditating: Even though, at first, you’re going to suck at it. Even though you’re going to think things like, Am I even doing this right? or This is pointless, stick to it. While it will feel like a waste of time in the beginning, the more you meditate, the more you’ll start to notice that you crave some peaceful time every morning, and that you’re better equipped to handle your day once you’ve meditated.

Secret #3 When you get tired of living a life filled with anxiety, stress, sadness, and pain, you will finally commit to your happiness and make it a priority.


When something is a priority, you make time for it. You make time to go to the gym, go to the mall on Saturday, or watch your favorite show when you get home from work. If you prioritize your friends or family, you will find a way to see them, even if you’re stressed at work and your schedule is booked. You haven’t committed to meditation, because you haven’t made your spiritual life a priority. Instead, you’re caught up in the world: your job, cleaning your house, trying out that new stuffing recipe, or organizing your bills. 

There will come a point when you will prioritize your spiritual life over everything else, and unfortunately, that will be when you’ve had enough stress, heartbreak, and frustration in your life, that you see no other way of existing in the world than to look to your spirit for guidance. That’s why when people are on their deathbed, they say they would’ve lived their lives differently: They would’ve worked less and loved more. The same is true for what it takes to committing to a meditation practice. Yes, it does take time (though even ten minutes a day does wonders), and it might mean that you wake up earlier, or demand that your family entertain themselves every night after dinner for a couple of minutes, but you will commit once you’re done with the stress and negativity in your life. You might not be there just yet. You might require a little more anxiety, business, and fear before you’re ready to sit and observe the insanity of the thoughts that you identify with and refer to as your “personality.”

Either way, everyone’s a winner. How? Well, we’re all on our own spiritual journeys, and we reach a point where we’re ready to commit to living mindfully at different times. That being said, if you can commit to even five minutes a day to start, you’ll open the door to perceiving your life differently, raising your vibration, and increasing your intuitive ability. You’ll feel peaceful, more joyful, and your body will be looser and more flexible. If you’re new to meditating, be sure to read An Easy Peasy Meditation.



Hi, I’m Jessie! I’ve been on the spiritual path for 15 years, and this blog is where I share hacks, lessons I’ve learned & mindful dating advice. I believe you can be spiritual and a badass. I believe you can live boldly, pursue your passions, & love fully. If you’d like to work with me, send me a message.