100 Ways to Manifest an Awesome Love Life


1.Tap to clear unconscious blocks. Watch my favorite YouTube video on tapping HERE.

2.Purposefully step out of your comfort zone.

3.Pretend to be someone else.

4.Let your dating decisions come from this other person’s point of view, not your own.

5.Take a new route to work.

6.Go to a new restaurant by yourself.

7.Get in the habit of smiling at strangers, like all the time; especially ones you find attractive.

8.Try a new dish.

9.Read books that foster your personal growth.


10.Read every article on this website.

10.Think new thoughts.

11.Monitor your thoughts. Stop thinking the shitty ones.

12.Change your name.

13.Change your online dating profile.

14.Develop a new talent.

15.Move apartments.

16.Start your day with Gay Hendricks “I wonder” questions.

17.Donate money to an organization you support.

18.Bring baked goods to someone unexpectedly.

19.Make a list of 5 people you’re grateful for.

20.Whenever you receive a compliment, place your hand over your heart and take it in. 21.Kiss more.

22.Spend more time with animals, either by volunteering at a shelter, or adopting one.

23.Set an intention to find a new friend and actually do it.

24.Plan a big trip for next year.

25.Start saving now.

26.Whenever you go shopping, buy one article of clothing that isn’t your taste.

27.Write a letter to each on of your exes, forgiving them and expressing gratitude for the experience.

28.Go out in nature, burn the letters, and energetically release your exes.

29.Write a letter to yourself, forgiving yourself for every mistake you believe you’ve made and freeing yourself of criticism.

30.Write a letter to yourself (from the future you - 10 years from now) expressing all the lessons you’ve learned and passing down nuggets of wisdom.

31.Meditate more.

32.Try guided mediation apps.

33.Try guided meditation videos on YouTube. Try this one.

34.Listen to more reiki music on YouTube. This one’s my favorite.

35.Take a new exercise class.

36.Run three miles.

37.Look up Wim Hoff’s breathing method.

38.Do Wim’s breathing exercises every day for a week.

39.Watch some Eckhart Tolle talks on YouTube.

40.Subscribe to my partner Tim’s YouTube channel by clicking HERE.

41.Read more Louise Hay.

42.Make a list of affirmations.

43.Pick your top three and hang them near your bathroom mirror.

44.Go outside and feel the grass with your bare feet.

45.Go see a concert by yourself.

46.Start a conversation with a stranger.

47. Join Meetup and go to an event.

48.Watch some standup comedy.

49.Listen to some books on Audible.

50.Book a reiki session.

51.Read about past life regression.

52.Book a session for a past life regression.

53.Go on a date with someone you wouldn’t normally date.

54.Plan the entire date and take that person somewhere magical.

magical date.jpg

55.Compliment yourself every hour on the hour.

56.Celebrate daily victories, like doing the dishes, or going to the bank.

56.Rearrange your furniture.

57.Read my article about how feng shui affects your love life HERE.

57.Have a solo dance party in your kitchen.

58.Stop watching the news or anything negative.

59.Invite friends over for a game night.

60.Go to coffee with someone new from work.

61.Go hiking.

62.Start a blog.

63.Start a website.

64.Talk to your inner-child.

65.Try automatic writing.

66.Pray to release past trauma.

67.Start a dream journal.

68.Set an intention to start remembering your dreams.

69.Give up processed sugar for one week.

70.Try a 21-day elimination diet to find out what you’re allergic to.

71.Light a candle and pray.

72.Think of five things you’re grateful for before going to bed.

73.Stop making outrageous statements like, “There aren’t any good men out there.”

74.Stop complaining.

75.Stop hanging out with people who love drama.

76.Read A Course in Miracles.

77.Join a group in your community.

78.Start a business.

79.Open an Etsy account.

80.Start a Youtube channel.

81.Stop texting with your ex.

82.Stop dating unavailable men.

83.Read my article HERE to help you stop dating unavailable men.

84.Take the selfies of you looking in the mirror off your online dating profile.

85.Don't date people only because they’re sexy.

86.Stop being so angry all the time.

87.Take radical responsibility for your life.

88.Stop lying.

89.Forgive your parents.

90.Call them and tell them you love them.

91.Forgive those who have hurt you the most.

92.Go see a spiritual teacher give a live talk.

93.Stop listening to sad love songs.

94.Learn about the law of attraction.

95.Start listening to Abraham Hicks - Click HERE.

96.Love yourself.

97.Recognize all of the love you have in your life.

98.Go for a walk on a sunny day.

99.Make one of those cookies you prepare in a cast iron skillet.

100.Surrender your will (and life) to the Universe.