The Secret to Being More Confident in Your Love Life

If you want to know how to be more confident in your love life, the first thing you need to do is forget everything that you’ve ever read in a magazine that you bought at a drugstore.

While the world would suggest that you’ll meet your perfect match when you weigh less, take on a bunch of quirky hobbies, and buy clothes that flatter your figure, depending on if you’re an apple, a pear, or any number of other fruits, the the truth is that your self-worth should not be rooted in things as external or transient as your weight, or wardrobe. 

Loosing 20 pounds is not going to help you get more dates. Getting a promotion is not make men fall at your feet. Getting your hair as glossy as Giselle’s is not going to result in your finally attracting a man that’s marriage material. 

Nope, sorry. The world would suggest that if you look perfect and have the perfect life, the perfect man will show up. Well, the world is wrong.

The core of who you are is a soul, and you attract people on a soul level, or in other words, a vibrational level. Weight, hair color, and height are irrelevant. When you understand the nature of the Universe and how we manifest anything, not just our partners, you can experience real confidence, because you know that the way to manifest an awesome relationship is not to work harder, or strive to be thinner, richer, or better. 

The secret to having more confidence in your love life is to understand how the nature of the Universe and how the law of attraction works, because once you get that, you get everything - the whole enchilada. Once you shift to perceiving the world and your life through the eyes of Spirit, your dating life will take on a new tone - one of ease, alignment, and synchronicity. All of a sudden, you’ll find yourself meeting different kinds of men - men who are kind, honest, and mindful. You’ll find yourself entering into relationships that are emotionally healthy and spiritually mature. 

If you want true confidence, the unshakeable kind that doesn’t go away, the secret is to understand the following 5 metaphysical laws:

#1: What’s yours will not pass you by.


Here’s the truth most people won’t say: You don’t have to earn love by becoming some better version of yourself, because what’s yours will never pass you by. If you’re destined to meet someone, you’re going to meet. Your only job is to be present and receptive. Once you understand that you don’t need more highlights or a better booty, you can stop trying to frantically change yourself in order to attract a partner. Instead, you can cultivate a profound knowing that everything is working out in divine timing. It is certain that you are going to meet your soulmate. Get excited about this truth! When you meet your soulmate, the two of you are going to know

You can’t get it wrong, so stop trying so hard.

#2: Your soulmate is going to love your jiggly thighs and stinky feet.

The world sells a single narrative of beauty. I’m sorry to break the news, but not every man is looking for an anorexic white woman with blond hair and big breasts. It’d be easy to think that you can’t find love unless you look like Pamela Anderson. I mean, that’s what we see in every television show, movie, and magazine. However, the world is driven by fear (and a strong desire to sell products, which you will be more compelled to buy if you’re insecure). 

The truth is that you were made perfectly for your soulmate. Your soulmate is not going to meet you and run when you take off your Spanx. Your soulmate is going to grab your jiggly thighs with delight and tell you that you’re nuts for trying to shove your flesh into something that’s the equivalent of sausage casing. No, your perfect match is going to love every bit of you. Once you believe this, you can feel confident, because you understand that you don’t have “flaws.” 

God didn’t make a mistake. God didn’t make make you a brunette when you were meant to be a blonde, or make you 5’1 when you were supposed to be 5’11. God made every flower, mountain, and person divinely perfect. 

#3: There’s a perfect match for everyone.

There are some pretty weird people out there. It’s easy to believe that you’re to strange, socially inept, or too much of an anomaly to find love. If you find yourself thinking that you’ll never find love because you’re too out there, then take a moment to humble yourself. God made a perfect match for everyone. Your mind doesn’t want to believe it, but it’s true. 

If you’re into anime, there’s someone out there who’s into anime. If you want to spend all of your free time tending to cats, Mr. Meow Meow is home waiting for his dream woman to take to the cat cafe.

There’s a perfect match for everyone. Believe it and accept it. Feel confident that you’re going to find your soulmate - the person who’s going to love you just the way you are and who’s going to enjoy spending time with you, doing the things that you love, and having conversations that are stimulating and fun.

#4: You attract love, because you’re a vibrational match, not because your breasts are perfectly spherical.


If all you needed to attract your soulmate was look like a supermodel, then there’d never be a single actress or singer. However, gorgeous people struggle with finding an emotionally healthy partnership just like everyone else. Why? Because you attract love by shifting your vibration, not by toning your booty. 

If you are negative, or if you have a victim mindset, you’re not going to attract your soulmate. If you harbor resentments and grievances, you’re not going to attract your soulmate. If you betray your soul by indulging in vices, engaging in casual sex that causes you to feel gross afterwards, or not following your dreams, because you’re insecure, you’re not going to attract your soulmate.

Love is a vibrational game, and you need to learn the rules before you can begin to play.

If you’re ready to get out of the dating game and manifest your soulmate - the perfect person who is equipped to take this journey called life with you, be sure to read 7 Little-known Secrets About Soulmate Love.

#5: What you really want is to be a channel for love.

You think you want to receive love, to be showered with roses, chocolates, and Hallmark cards, however, the greatest joy truly comes from giving love. When you shift from focusing on what you can get to what you can give, you’d be amazed at how much your entire life transforms, much less how confident you will become. You see, true confidence comes from aligning to your Spirit, which is always kinds, loving, and positive. The more you take steps to shift towards consciousness and flowing love to others, the more amazing you will feel. You will feel alit, light, and inspired. You will attract others who are equally as generous, and you will increase your receptivity to love (the more you give love!).

So, if you want to feel more confident in your love life, shift your focus to giving, rather than getting.

The secret to becoming more confident, then, is you want to lean on your spiritual practice and expand your consciousness. Save yourself a trip to Sephora, and instead, hit the meditation pillow. The more you deepen into your spiritual practice, the more you’ll recognize that your confidence comes from something deeper than your physical form, and the Universe is responding to your energy. With just a little bit of understanding of the law of attraction, you can be confident that your soulmate is on his way.



Hi, I’m Jessie! I’m a dating coach and spiritual teacher, and I’d love to work with you! If you want to manifest your soulmate, heal your blocks to love, or learn how to stick to a spiritual practice, send me a message.

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