How to Get Him to Commit


If a guy is playing hot and cold, texting you one night, then failing to respond the next, check out my video How to Get Him to Commit.

While most women’s magazines and even dating coaches will tell you that there are certain things you can do, such as writing the perfect text, playing hard to get, or behaving a certain way on a date, none of those childish tactics actually work if you’re ready for an emotionally healthy and loving relationship.

Prior to meeting my partner, Tim, I dated a lot of men who were ready for love on Monday, but too busy to text me back come Tuesday. I tried to follow the tactics of popular magazines and coaches, only to find myself frustrated, as it felt like I was a magnet for men with commitment-phobia.

It can be difficult to continue putting yourself out there when it feels like the man you desire runs hot and cold, while you’re ready for some serious heat (in the form of a monogamous relationship, of course).

Before manifesting my relationship, I learned how to deal with men who just can’t seem to commit to the idea of commitment. To find out, be sure to check out my video.



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