How We Block Our Blessings


In the new age community, there's a lot of talk about resistance and how the universe wants to shower us with love, happiness, and abundance, but we are so mired in resistance, so unwilling to let in blessings, that we never receive them.

So what exactly is resistance? 

Resistance is any thought or emotion that we have that is contrary to that of our soul/source.

A Course in Miracles, a spiritual text that is a sort of psychotherapy curriculum complete with prayers and processes for unraveling our egos, explains that every thought we have, emotion we feel, and action we take is from one of two sources: fear or love.

Well, resistance is any thought or emotion that we have that is derived from fear.

However, resistance can be sneaky. Most people imagine that unless they're walking around like a human version of grumpy cat, they're not resisting anything. Often, I think that. I marvel at my positivity and willingness to accept peace... but is that true? Am I always aligned with my spirit? Absolutely not. Resistance creeps in, and I have become quite adept at detecting it, even when it is wearing one of its many disguises, some of which I'll list below: 

Resistance comes disguised as.... JUDGEMENT.

When we judge people or circumstances, our thoughts are coming from a fearful place, a place of separation. Our spirits never judge people; instead, our spirits look for reasons to join and celebrate others.

Resistance comes disguised as... LIMITING BELIEFS.

We can block our blessings by confining them. We say things like, It's hard to get a job at that location, or, Good men are hard to find. The universe can only deliver to us that which we truly believe is possible.

Resistance comes disguised as... WISHING THINGS WERE DIFFERENT.

This is the most common way we express resistance: by wishing people or circumstances were different. It doesn't serve us to resist the present moment. All things are perfect just as they are.

Resistance comes disguised as... NOT LETTING IN LOVE/JOY/ABUNDANCE.

This is the sneakiest form of resistance. We resist blessings. We say no to experiences that we know would be enjoyable. We push people away. We don't feel we're worthy of that opportunity, so we sabotage it. We eat healthy for a week, work out, and feel great, and then we binge eat for two days and ruin our progress. We upper limit.

So what do we do when resistance shows up?

1)We practice mindfulness. We can be conscious of our resistance.

2)We make room for it. Rather than punishing ourselves for negative thoughts or emotions, we become present to them and allow them.

3)We affirm the opposite and make different choices. We can do this numerous ways. I'm a fan of mantras and prayers. We can witness our fears and make the choice that scares us anyway.

As we become present to our resistance and learn to accept, and then finally, transmute it, we will receive the blessings and joy we've been keeping out of our lives. It's all within our reach.


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