The Hardest Part About Being New Age


When you're new age and you've come to a place of understanding oneness, of experiencing spirit, and of being able to discern between your ego and spirit, one of the most difficult things is that there's no turning back.

You can no longer convince yourself that things should be different, or blame others, or question why a person left your life; rather, you accept all responsibility as a conscious creator. You surrender all and trust in the perfection of the universe. 

And herein lies the problem...

Goodbye projection.

Goodbye complaining.

Goodbye pessimism.

You are no longer entitled to having a stinky day. You know too much. You've come too far.

At the moment, I feel as though certain parts of my life should be different. I should live somewhere else, spend my time doing things other than what I'm currently occupying my time with, and I could think of a list of other should-be situations that my ego can spew out on a dime.

Yet here I am, with no one to blame, no situation to change - just the knowledge that all things are perfect as they are, and everything is working out in divine timing. 


Jessica Leon