Why Bad Things Happen to Good People


My favorite response to this question was by the wonderful spiritual teacher Carolyn Myss, when she described how someone asked Why did this happen to me? and she told that person Because it did.

She's absolutely right, and also, there's more to it.

We perceive life, the universe, all of existence through a lens of shoulds.

We say things like: Babies shouldn't die, or War shouldn't happen, or No one should ever get sick, or Fine, okay, people can get sick, but only really old people, or mean people, definitely not nice people.

We place expectations on life; we categorize things into should and shouldn't, what is fair and unfair. That young pregnant woman shouldn't have lost her husband. People shouldn't starve.

What if God isn't an old white man sitting in a chair judging everyone and everything, but rather, an invisible force that organizes and creates all things in the universe; and what if this energy... DOESN'T JUDGE OR CATEGORIZE.

What if this energy simply creates, and from that creation comes the human experience - all experience - and part of that experience includes sickness, death, and tragedy.

What if we came here, to this earth, to experience IT ALL?

What if our souls long to experience sadness so we would better understand joy? What if we wanted to feel the contrast? What if we came from nonphysical, a place of perfect harmony and bliss because we wanted to play this game called life; we wanted to feel everything, to dip our toes in everything, to dance with sickness, pain, and grief.

What if there is beauty in grief, in death, and even in pain?

What if things happen to all people. Things happen: good, bad, ugly, beautiful; and if we remove judgment - it's all part of life. All of it is here to be experienced for the simple sake of experiencing it. Without judgment, everything merely exists; good or bad is an illusion.

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