My Daily Mindfulness Practice


I am a firm believer in maintaining a daily mindfulness practice. While it shifts depending on what I think would serve me most and my mood, I always try to make time to become present and aware. I create a little distance between the stream of thoughts that tend to stir up emotions: I need to get this done! Why is this person not getting back to me? I can't believe she said that! and I focus on my emotional state, as well as what I'm currently wanting to attract into my life. 

My current daily practice includes the following:

1.Read one section from The Way of Mastery - The Way of Mastery is a spiritual text that teaches how to embody and live from one's Highest Self (the term Christ consciousness is used in the book). I do a five minute meditation from the book, during which time, I sit in the energy of my Highest Self. What does that mean? I, Jessie Leon, become present to the thoughts and feelings I'm having and experiencing. Oh, look - there's a part of me that's sad because I miss this person, or, oh look - there's a part of me that's worried about this thing that hasn't happened yet, and instead of listening to that thought, instead of believing it, I think :What would my Highest Self feel and think? My Highest Self is the peaceful part of me, the part of me that trusts all and sees all through the eyes of love. She's confident, unwavering in her faith, and she doesn't judge people, events, or circumstances. Oh, she just loves this person. She feels peace about this situation. Then, I sit in that energy. 

What am I truly committed to? Why am I on this planet? 

2.Mantras/Affirmations - Every time I become present (aware of my thoughts), and I find that they are idling, or negative, I choose new thoughts. I repeat mantras and affirmations. Each thought we think has creation power power and attracts people, circumstances, and events into our lives. Instead of inviting negativity in my life, I focus my thoughts. I do this constantly: in the shower, while browsing the internet, eve in the middle of a conversation! Here are some of my fave: 

  • I am willing to be everything my creator created me to be (from the way of mastery)
  • I am abundant
  • I am blessed
  • I am love (I repeat this while running)
  • I am a powerful manifestor 


Gratitude is the key to everything! Gratitude brings us into alignment; it invites spirit into our lives, and it allows us to see clearly. There is a part of us (our egos), that only focuses on fear and lack. We think of our jobs, and we come up with all of the reasons why we don't like it. We list out and focus on all of the things our partner doesn't do. Instead, I choose thoughts of gratitude. Just this morning, I played a video of my partner singing a song, and I felt so grateful to have such a talented and loving person in my life. Gratitude is our way of saying to the universe, Yes, give me more of that please! I appreciate everything I have! Then, the universe jumps in and brings us more things to appreciate.


Writing is a traditional mindfulness practice, but I find it incredibly meditative. When I write, I feel like a channel - an open faucet for inspiration and ideas to flow through. My thoughts about my identity, job, and list of things that need to get done cease, and instead, I focus on creating. Writing connects me to my heart chakra; it's my favorite way to express myself. It's my favorite way to connect to God.

There are so many mindfulness practices to choose from: yoga, different forms of meditation, breathing techniques, tai chi. What's important is that I make time to untether myself from the world and look inward (and upward), because that's the source of all of my joy.