5 Ways to Tell if You’re Having a Transcendent Experience


I think one of the reasons why there are so many atheists and non-believers is because people don’t speak openly about their transcendent experiences. Instead, they have them safely in the privacy of their own home, then wonder if said experiences were, actually, transcendent, or just hallucinations. Then, they proceed to google the experience, form some fuzzy conclusions, and try to forget the whole thing.

I get it. It can be tough to have a direct experience with the divine. One of the reasons why you may not have as many transcendent experiences as you think you’d like is because, oftentimes, they can rattle your self-concept, as well as your worldview. You can feel like your losing your marvels as your very sense of reality and perception shifts. Your third eye opens. Your ego unravels. You awaken. It’s scary shit. 

Here are 5 ways you can be sure you’re having a transcendent experience:

1.You detach from your body.

You have a body you are not a body. Your consciousness is not within your mind, as if the very essence of who you are dwells in the confines of your skull. No, you exist outside of your body as an extension of Source energy. There are times when you can reach a meditative state and lose sense of limbs, or your body entirely. You may have a vivid dream, in which you experience another dimension, astral project, or detach from your body as a result of meditation, psychedelics, or shamanic journey. Once separated from your body, you realize that the essence of who you believe yourself to be is completely distinct from your physical form. This is one aspect of having a transcendent experience, because it is the recognition that your consciousness is the awareness of what your experiencing; your sense of identity shifts from the body to that awareness.

2.You lose sense of time.

Time is a construct, and each one of us experiences time uniquely, as well as collectively. While time might feel like it’s dragging for one person, for someone else, it can feel like it’s speeding up. Oftentimes, if you’re in a meditative state, your sense of time completely shifts. Twenty minutes can feel like three. Three hours can feel like twenty minutes. The truth is that we are experiencing everything at once; it is only our perception of existence that creates a linear narrative for the purpose of experiencing time. However, time is an experience; it’s not a subjective reality.

3.You have an a-ha moment, or experience an overwhelming feeling of bliss, safety, or oneness.

You might experience an a-ha moment, a life-altering realization that completely shifts your perspective, and in doing so, your life journey, and it can feel divinely inspired, as if you were hit on the head with a truth hammer. This kind of experience sets you on a completely different path, or leads to your making drastic changes, such as leaving a spouse, proposing, quitting, or changing your career path. It feels as if the Universe gave you the exact perceptual shift to set your life on a new course. 

Similarly, you might find that you have an experience in which you feel complete oneness with all of humanity, or you feel such an intense love from God that you can’t keep from breaking down and crying. These moments usually come when you are in complete despair; in the midst of prayer, you feel a powerful shift - the unconditional love of God, which can be overwhelming. Intuitively you know that you are not alone. On the contrary, you are loved, protected, and cared for beyond measure. You’re not sure why you’re aware of this, but you know it in your heart. This breakthrough is the recognition that beyond the physical world exists the non-physical, and the energies that comprise non-physical love you beyond a human love and are with you always. 

4.You experience a loss of your ego.

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What’s my name? Who am I? Where am I? There are certain times, such as having amnesia, a near death experience, or reaching an altered state, one in which you lose complete sense of who you are. This is a transcendent experience because you learn that your very self-concept and sense of identity is a construct.

You are not your gender, age, or socioeconomic class. You are not a vegetarian, a crafter, or an animal-lover. The essence of you exists beyond this one lifetime. You have experienced different bodies and lives. The essence of you who are exists even when you forget your name, profession, and family. You are the awareness that experiences a life and constructs meaning and a sense of identity, but these things are arbitrary; they are not you

5.Your still, small voice gives you insight.

There is a misconception that when God talks to you, his voice sounds like that of a thundering old white man with a beard and a lightning bold. This is complete nonsense. When you receive a message from the divine, it will come in the form of an inner-knowing. It will sound like your own voice, but you will know that it isn’t. 

I can clearly remember a time this happened to me a few years ago. I was living with my boyfriend, and we had gotten into a huge fight. Quickly, our relationship was unravelling before my very eyes. We had been together for over five years by that point, and I couldn’t imagine moving out and starting over. In the middle of our fight, I went into our bedroom, got on my knees, and began to pray as I cried, Tell me what to do. Tell me what to do. Tell me what to do. After a few minutes, I hear a still, small voice say, Go apologize. It’s okay. You will separate, but now is not the time. I was overcome with a feeling of peacefulness and acceptance, as if all of my despair was completely lifted from me. I took a breath, went to my partner, and embraced him. I had faith that God was going to guide me through our separation, and everything was going to be okay, because I wasn’t going to face the experience on my own. 

Awakening can be the result of a series of transcendent experiences, or it can occur after one major experience that alters your life trajectory and teaches you that while you are playing the role of a human being in a body, you are the consciousness that inhabits your body, and you are supported and loved by all of non-physical. When you have a transcendent experience, it’s easy to question it, blame it on external factors, or even think you’re losing your mind. That’s normal, but know that this isn’t true. Waking up and becoming more conscious means you’re having experiences that most people aren’t, or at the very least, aren’t talking about. Eventually, you’ll manifest others who have had similar experiences, so you’ll feel less alone, or, you can work with a coach to help you navigate the awakening process, which is very exciting. 

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