God Isn't Fair.


The biggest argument I hear in favor of atheism is that God isn't fair, as if that's proof that there's no creative force in the Universe that birthed the galaxies. 

Of course God isn't fair. "Fair" is a human concept, one that is limited and defined by the thought system of the world. Just as a child might throw a tantrum when his older brother gets a later bedtime, or when he doesn't get to eat cookies for breakfast, it's our tendency to profess unfairness at life's hardships, the decay of the human body, or death, as if none of those things should happen.

Atheists say things like, Young children die every day. If God lets that happen, then that's a God that I don't want to believe in. 

Maybe it's not fair for a child to die. Maybe death should be reserved for the old. What's the cut-off? Sixty? Sixty-five? Eighty? At what age would it be okay to die? What parameters can we place on the power that created the sun?

God isn't fair. Trust me, I know. Every day, people are abused; people starve, and good people don't get what they "deserve," but it's not because God isn't rooting for our ultimate happiness, it's because there's a much bigger picture that we can't see through our myopic lens. Life is an eternal game, and our souls are only interested in the evolution of our consciousness. There are things like karma, life lessons, and the development of our spiritual sight, and we don't know what has transpired (or will transpire) that is actually working for us, in our favor, right now.

What do I mean?

I know someone who survived having cancer. Going through chemotherapy and having a part of her body felt like a huge tragedy on one level, however, after the fact, her entire perspective on life shifted; the resentments and anger she carried prior to the disease were lifted from her, as if by a miracle. Her entire worldview shifted from fear to love. What doors did the cancer open? How has her life changed for the better as a result of a disease that I'm sure most people view as a punishment.

There is divine order in the universe, and there is a plan, but it's not one that looks fair through the perception of most humans, because it's not. Death is part of life, as is tragedy. It just exists. It's part of our journey here: to learn forgiveness, to open our hearts, and to appreciate each moment while not getting sidetracked by the superficial.

God is unraveling us, softening us, and teaching us lessons; the idea of fair isn't part of the equation. God loves us unconditionally, but it's not the sort of love that keeps us from experiencing pain, hardship, or grief. It's what will get us through those things when they arrive, because they are certain to arrive.

Our souls chose to incarnate on Earth to have all experiences, to walk through pain and suffering, but also tremendous joy. All experiences are welcomed as part of life, because all experiences are intended to serve our highest goods. God isn't fair, not even a little; but God is good. And when we're going through the greatest pain and suffering, that will have to suffice.

Jessica Leon