You are So Supported & Loved.


In life, it's easy to feel like we are alone, particularly when we suffer a loss, are rejected, or when our dreams don't manifest. I remember a time when my entire life felt like it was crumbling: My 6-year relationship ended; I moved back to New York, was living alone again, starting a new job, and to top it off, I just turned thirty. While I believed in a beneficent Universe (God), it felt like I was paddling upstream and doing it all on my own.

The truth is my world had to fall apart so I could rebuild it. The Universe was pushing me to become more independent, to love myself more, develop a spiritual practice, and let go of my egoic desires. Every situation that appeared as a problem was really a gift, but I was only able to recognize that what appeared as tumult was really divine intervention two years later.

We are never alone. Each one of us has a team of guides, angels, and souls who are actively watching over us, whispering in our ears, giving us guidance, and nudging us in the right direction. This doesn't mean that we won't face obstacles, as duality is part of this existence - pain, as well as pleasure, but instead, it means that every challenge is meant to propel us towards our destiny and help us to evolve spiritually. 

When we choose to incarnate into this 3D existence, our souls are fully aware of the pain we will experience; starting from birth, we know that we are going to experience physical, as well as emotional suffering. Earth is a place of contrast, and the duality of this experience mirrors our own duality: we are both spirit and egos. We can choose to perceive life through the eyes of spirit and see everything as divinely orchestrated, viewing our brothers through the eyes of love, or we can choose judgment, negativity, and fear. Before incarnating, we choose to come to Earth to feel it all, and in doing so, our soul (and the collective unconsciousness) expands and evolves. As we go through experiences, we learn, open our hearts, and make choices. This benefits all souls, and because of this, we have guides helping us and rooting for our happiness.

All of nonphysical is rooting for you - for your dreams to come true, for you to find love, listen to the whispers of your heart, and get in touch with your soul. You are never alone; on the contrary, you are an extension of the Universe, God, which is pure love. The consciousness that animates your existence is expressed through all living creatures, as well as all of physical existence, and it (God) loves you beyond all measure, unconditionally.