How & Why You Should Write a Letter to the Universe


One of my favorite spiritual practices is to connect with the Universe through letter writing. While I find myself praying daily (sometimes hourly), there's something even more powerful about taking the time to sit down to write. Writing a letter to the Universe is a sacred practice, one that allows us the chance to open up to guidance, share our deepest desires and gratitude, and ask questions. The Universe-God-is always ready to guide us, but it's not until we're willing to ask (and receive the answer) that we can be shown the way. Further, writing out our burdens can feel cathartic, as most of us carry the weight of worries about work, family, the future, and our health. We believe that holding onto anxiety is normal (everyone worries about money, right?). Wrong. We can turn our concerns over to the universe, and in doing so, we are left with a great sense of relief: confidence that a benefit power much greater than us is taking care of everything in perfect order. 

So, how do we do it? What do we include, and how do we develop this practice?

1.Start with gratitude.

One of the greatest shifts we can make in our life is to choose to focus on the positive more. I always start off my letters with appreciation. If I can't think of a person or situation for which I'm grateful, I thank God for the mountains, sky, and rivers. It doesn't matter what we appreciate, it's that we choose to express thanks for all of our blessings, especially the more obvious ones, like health, food, clean air, etc.

2.Tell the Universe what you're ready to receive.

I am open and receiving adventures. I am opening to divine connections, opportunities beyond my wildest dreams, and new people, places and circumstances to inspire me. I am open and receiving laughter. I am open and receiving grace, peace, and joy. We are given what we ask for, and when we declare that we are ready and receiving love, prosperity, joy, and peace, the Universe finds a way to deliver. One of my favorite declarations is that I am wiling to see things through the eyes of God (of love), meaning, I am willing to see the best in people, to see how blessed I am, and to focus on the positive. I ask the Universe to give me correct perception so that I recognize all of the beauty and joy I'd be liable to miss if I got too caught up on the trivial matters of day-to-day living. When we declare that we are open and ready, we are telling the Universe that we expect good things, and words have creative power.

3.Open up to guidance.

We don't have to have everything figured out; in fact, we never will. The spiritually mature person asks for guidance about everything. It's our egos that believe we have all of the answers. As we move along our spiritual path and draw closer to the Universe, God, the more we realize that we are most served when we ask: What should I say in this situation? How do I forgive this person? How can I let more love into my life? How can I be a more loving person? How can I open to creative opportunities beyond my wildest dreams? We can ask the Universe for guidance on anything from the most trivial to the most metaphysical questions about the nature of existence. 

4.Carry your journal with you wherever you go.

Communicating with the divine shouldn't be something we do once a week, or only on special holidays. It's a practice that we can prioritize every day of our lives; and it can be as simple as carrying a journal with us in our purses or pockets. Our letter can be a brief paragraph, just to let the Universe know that we're listening, we're appreciative, and we're ready to receive.

The more we make time for God, the Universe, the more connected to our spirits we'll feel, and in doing so, we'll invite in more communication from the divine - through signs, messages, and synchronicities. It's when we open a channel to the divine that we can truly be amazed by everything the Universe has to share with us, just as soon as we're ready.