The Universe Put a Demand on Your Life.


I was listening to a talk by the spiritual teacher, Michael Beckwith, and he said that once he was willing to ask the universe what its plan for him was, the universe made it known: he was to open the Agape International Spiritual Center; his ego (the personality part with which he identified) was resistant to the idea, and instead, wanted to work with people one-on-one, maintaining an anonymous life, but the Universe, God, gave him a purpose, and he had the choice of following his intuitive guidance or following that of his ego.

Each one of us has a purpose - it can be specific, or more general, such as incarnating to serve as an uplifter and learn forgiveness; regardless, our souls have set intentions prior to our birth, and we are here to develop our intuitive nature, quiet the voice of our ego, and follow the guidance we are given. We are here to transmute our fears to love, to learn, expand our consciousness, and follow our inner-wisdom.

This is no small task.

The Universe, God, will not ask of us to take a vacation in Hawaii, marry that handsome doctor, and subscribe to Good Housekeeping magazine. The Universe doesn't care about our 401K, whether we buy a Mercedes or a Toyota, or if we suffer from heartbreak.

The Universe's sole focus is the evolution of our souls, in other words, that we learn how to live from a place of unconditional love, that we gain perspective, choosing to listen to the voice of compassion, forgiveness, and generosity, instead of the voice of rigidity, anger, and self-entitlement. The Universe wants us to love our bodies, our families, our neighbors; it wants us to be creative, have fun, and be gentle with ourselves; it wants us to allow all things, even painful situations. It will ask us to let go of our fears, to give more (even when we feel we don't have enough), and to step out of our comfort zone. The voice of our egos (which mirror the voice of the world) will argue all the reasons why we can't. I can't forgive him. Do you know what he did to me? I can't quit my job! We're in a recession. I can't go on a date, at least not until my children are older. I can't donate money when I'm struggling myself. I can't change my schedule. I can't change my mind. You don't understand. This is the way things are. I don't like that person, and he's too short for me, and she's just a bitch, and it's all my parents' fault.

The voice of the ego is relentless.

The Universe, God, put a demand on our lives, and it requires bravery, love, and strength to choose to listen to our inner-wisdom instead of our fear. 

It's no easy feat; believe me, I know.

And we have free will, meaning, we can choose to listen, or we can continue living out of ego; and if that happens, we'll get to reincarnate again. We'll manifest similar karmic situations over and over again, until finally, we choose to listen - we choose to follow our inner-guidance and make the decision to fulfill our purpose for being here.