How to Have the Grace to Handle Anything


One of my daily prayers if for God to give me the grace to get through the day and to show up as the person He wants me to be.. It’s easy to experience doubt or fear, and oftentimes, I’m not sure If I’ll be able to muster up the confidence, generosity, or positivity to do whatever’s on my agenda and not fall into the emotional minefield of negativity, worry, or insecurity. At times when an article I’ve written has been rejected, I’m meeting someone new, and I’m nervous, or I have to step out of my comfort one, I pray for grace. 

The answer to most of my problems is grace.

God, give me the grace, I pray, to sit in this two-hour meeting and keep a positive mindset. God, give me the grace to have a generosity of spirit at this social even that I don’t want to be at, even though I have indigestion, and I barely slept last night. God, give me the grace to have patience when there’s a part of myself that wants to scream at this idiotic stranger. God, gives me the grace to not say this mean thing to my partner right now, and instead, to apologize and choose love. 

Here’s the key: I don’t rely on my own abilities or character. There are parts of me that are selfish, impatient, judgmental, and unkind! I will look in the mirror and my mind will tell me that I need to change this, that, or the other about myself. It will live in a place of ingratitude. I can’t depend on her all of the time!. But I can depend on the divine: God/the Universe. I know that there is something much greater than myself that is sanding away my rough edges, that will make what feels impossible possible, that will help me to show up as the most loving version of myself even when I’m hormonal and want to stay in bed and cry. 

We all face loss, depression, and terrible circumstances in our life. That’s just par for the course. No one ever promised that everything would go smoothly and it’d be easy to get through the day, but that’s not the point. 


“God doesn’t give us answers. God gives us grace and mercy,” Anne Lamott says in Hallelujah Anyway: Rediscovering Mercy.

It’s not about the circumstance, or even why they happened. Bad things happen to everyone. Depression comes, unexpectedly, and it feels like it has its grips in us, as it if will never end. What God does give us is the grace to face these circumstances, the strength to persevere. When we pray for grace, we open up to the divine-all of nonphysical-to step in and guide us, to give us correct perception, and to shift us in ways we can’t even imagine.

On days when I feel like I don’t want to even leave my bed, when I’m gripped with anxiety, fear, or sadness, I pray for the littlest bit of grace to get me through the next five minutes, and then five minutes after that. Grace shows us that we are stronger than we think, and we can extend more love and compassion than we ever dreamt possible. Grace means that we are allowing a power greater than us to lead us, and we are willing to put down our fears and small self to step into something much larger. Grace shows us that there are versions of ourselves that embody boldness, generosity, patience and trust, in ways that are profound, and we can choose to step into those versions at any moment. Grace means we don’t have to control anything, and we can surrender in the moment, trusting that the Universe is going to support us and help us through everything. 

Grace means that we are willing to show up and live, even when we aren’t quite sure how to do it. 

Grace. I love the word. I love to say it, to pray for it, and to feel the ease that comes with turning my fear over to God. Give me the grace. Try it. You’ll be amazed at how it makes everything lighter.