How to Do the Right Thing


One of the greatest lessons I've learned in my life is the importance of doing the right thing.

But what does that really mean? Doing the right thing? The words feels empty, like saying you should love yourself. How does one actually do the right thing on a day-to-day basis, and further, how can we even know what the right choice is?

What I've learned is that, oftentimes, doing the right thing means stepping outside of our comfort zone and doing the thing that doesn't feel easy. Doing the right thing requires a little push, a little nudge. We don't want to write that person back, or call to say the honest truth, or apologize, but it's the right thing to do. Somewhere, deep inside, there's a small voice telling us to make that call, or take that step, but our mind gives us all the reasons why those things are inconsequential.

The secret is: Every right choice we make opens up possibilities for us. When we act out of integrity and demonstrate love and kindness, the Universe lines up people, opportunities, and divine connections that mirror that love.

When we choose to show up as our best selves, we attract others who are willing to do the same. When we don't do the right thing, even when it feels like it doesn't matter, like donating $10 to our neighbor's fundraiser, or calling back our nutty aunt Tilly, we attract people and circumstances that match that vibration: one that is rooted in fear, and an unwillingness to listen to love. We tell ourselves that these small choices don't matter, but our entire life is built on a series of small choices. We don't manifest large things out of the blue: a new job, a house, or a partner. Rather, we manifest small things first as we choose to step into alignment with a more loving, kinder version of ourself. Then, and only then, once we've become a person of greater character and integrity, the new job, house, and partner will come. 

Everything starts with a choice - a tiny choice: to say that white lie, to give when we don't have to, or to give our time to others when it's easier to sit on the couch and eat cookies. Each time we do the right thing, we tell the Universe that we are ready to receive more love, greater blessings, and more joy, because we are willing to operate from a place of pure love. When we're stingy, or unwilling to extend love by giving our time, withholding communication, or not demonstrating a generosity of spirit, we let the Universe know that we're not quite ready for those blessings we've been praying for. We've still got to work on our character. 

As we choose to do the right thing (even when it feels heart), we open up to blessings, abundance, and love, and moreover, we feel good about ourselves, because we know we're giving life 100%. We know we are showing up as our best self, and that contributes to our joy more than we might even be able to recognize. One secret to living a joyful life is to let go of the expectations we have of others and expect more of ourselves. When we decide that we're willing to do the right thing, we learn that we have a greater capacity to give (and to love) than we could've imagined.

Life AdviceJessica Leon